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Can the modern world be represented without a smartphone, plasma TV, laptop …? Do not we feel like “without hands” on the day when we forget the phone at home? Gadgets broke into the life of, perhaps, each of us and settled into it for a long time. Thanks to them, we do not forget anything, we manage many things, simplify our life.

And scriptwriter Charlie Brooker offers his vision of this situation – he anticipates that new technologies absorb humanity, destroying it. And already there is no way back. The name of the series “Black Mirror” invites the viewer to reflect on what we see every day – the dark screen of the phone or tablet … And what’s next? …

Genre – drama, satire, fantasy, anthology (each series is in no way connected with others).
Number of seasons – 4.
The number of episodes is 19 (taking into account one “Christmas” series outside of seasons).
Timing – 45-85 minutes.

Episode premieres


Season 1 – 4 December 2011 (3 series).
Season 2 – 11 February 2013 (3 series).
Off-season “Christmas” special issue – December 16, 2014.
Season 3 – October 21, 2016 (6 series).
Season 4 – December 29, 2017 (6 series).

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The first 2 seasons and special release were shown on the British channel Channel 4. Seasons 3 and 4 – on the American channel Netflix.

When the series “Black mirror season 5” will come out?

Is it worth to expect the 5th season of the acclaimed TV series “Black Mirror”? Many fans worried  after seeing the 4th season, which “sums up” the first three.
The creator of the series Charlie Brooker argues that the continuation of the project will be. From his words, he has something to say, because life constantly gives him fresh ideas. While the viewer has something to see and think about. Expected premiere time – June 5, 2019.


Throughout the series, the influence of modern technologies on the consciousness of people and on humanity as a whole is studied. How much do we become dependent on electronics? Is it worth to trust clever pieces of hardware and chips? What awaits us in the future? Does our worldview and consciousness change?

All this is revealed in series through the prism of the fantasy of the script writer Charlie Brooker. The audience is waiting for 19 independent stories, united by a single message and mood. We will get acquainted with heroes coping with various problems and experiences, as well as see a memory machine, robot-dog, insect-drones, self-learning video games and much more.

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First official trailer of the 5th season

Actors and roles

Currently, the series includes 19 series, each of which reveals its own problem, describes a separate story. In the shooting involved a huge number of actors, tk. the fate of the heroes do not intersect each other in subsequent episodes.chernoe0

8 interesting facts

  1. Shocking 1 st episode of the 1st season “National Anthem” became the most discussed among spectators and critics, dividing them into 2 camps – opponents and supporters of this genre.
  2. The “San Junipero” series (3rd season) received the Emmy Award as the best television film / mini-series of the year, and Charlie Brooker received the statuette for the best script.
  3. The scriptwriter and creator of the project Charlie Brooker was not in vain called a “seer”, because he had “predicted” some of his work. So, many see in the series “Moment Valdo” similarity with the situation that occurred a few years later, namely the victory in the presidential elections of the United States Donald Trump.
  4. After the stunning success of the first season, no one doubted that we should continue shooting the series. The intention to create the next season was announced immediately.
  5. Jodie Foster, best known to the viewer as an actress (“The Silence of the Lambs”, etc.), is the director of the 2nd series of the 4th season, entitled “The Archangels.”
  6. It’s worth to say about the complexity of creating new series by Charlie Brooker: the study of the story is sometimes delayed so much that the new technologies invented by him at the time of the episode’s release on the screens can already be introduced and become an integral part of human life. This concerns, first of all, those series, where Brooker gives vent to his imagination.
  7. Writer Stephen King expressed his positive opinion and delight after watching the “Christmas” release.
  8. The shooting of the series “Crocodile” (4th season) was held in Iceland.

Black mirror season 5 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1June 5, 2019
5x02Series 2June 12, 2019
5x03Series 3June 19, 2019


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