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A fantastic drama filled with the names of famous actors, originates in the heart of Africa. A small, not noticeable, at first glance, state of Wakanda, in fact, turns out to be a place that is rich in one of the unique types of metal – vibranium. It is capable of absorbing any vibration that has arisen. There are no analogues of vibranium, and when other miners learn about it, the state has to save itself from looting by any methods.
At the end of the first part, it becomes clear that there are unresolved issues that will be accurately covered in the continuation of the Black Panther.

When the Black Panther 2 comes out

According to the latest data, the shooting of the part 2 will take place in 2020-2021. The premiere is tentatively scheduled for November 11, 2022. But everything can change. We continue to follow the news.


To save Wakid from violent attacks from robbers, the prince of the state calls on the spirit of the Black Panther. blackpanther-2Previously, living people have already resorted to such help and know that her call is the latest measure. To do this, you need to conduct a complex ritual, which requires close attention and control. Not knowing all the features of the conduct, the prince did not expect that he himself would become the Black Panther. Such an omen promises only one thing: the ruler must defend the territory, stop the attacks of ill-wishers and keep the vibrarium on his land.

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For fans of exciting adventures, the film will pass in one breath. The film will be available for display to any audience, therefore it rightfully belongs to a series of films for family viewing. It is planned to put it on a par with the film “The Avengers” and add the Black Panther to a spectacular squad of super-people, but what will come out of it – only time will show.



Actors and their roles

  • The Black Panther is Chadwick Bozeman. In addition to his acting career, he is a talented playwright and screenwriter. In 2016, he already played his character in the film “The First Avenger. Confrontation. “
  • Eric Kilmanger – Mikey B. Jordan. In the “Fantastic Four” in 2015, Johnny Storm played, after which he was seen by other directors and began to appear in films of a wider scale. In 2013 he voiced Victor’s cyborg in the animated series “Justice League”.
  • Nakya – Lupita Niongo. A native of Kenya, also engaged in directing and producing. Awarded an “Oscar” for the role of Patsy in the drama “12 years of slavery” (2013).
  • The eye is Danai Gurira. Actress, playwright. World fame was after the appearance in the second season of “Walking Dead” in the role of Mishon. Now the shooting of the series continues, and Gurira has become a central figure, having received public recognition.
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Interesting Facts

  1. All key characters are black. Do not forget that the film takes place in Africa.
  2. Director Ryan Kugler until the last moment could not decide on the location of the shooting, because Niongo refused to go to Africa. Gurira had to persuade Lupita.
  3. In the nineties, the role of the black panther was claimed by Wesley Snipes (he played the vampire killer in the action movie “Blade”), but the shooting did not take place.
  4. During the shooting, only in extreme cases used the services of stuntmen. Actors tried to perform all the tricks themselves.
  5. Originally, for Danai Gurira, the role of Nakiya was prepared, but after reading the script, Danai asked the director for a long time to give her the opportunity to play Okoy, because this character is closer to her in spirit.
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Black Panther 2: release date

Movie titleRelease date
Black Panther 2November 11, 2022

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