Black Pupil 2


Black pupil is a full-length anime film based on Chinese comic books (manhua) and has fantasy genres, thriller, mysticism, thriller, supernatural, sainen (target audience is boys aged 18 and over). The duration of the first film is two hours.

When will the anime Black Pupil 2

The continuation of the anime has not been announced. The creators of the web comic yet do not plan to renew the screen version of the multi-series anime or another feature film.


The reporter of the popular tabloids Ye Zhu witnessed a mysterious murder, in which something paranormal was clearly involved. By an unfortunate accident, the victim’s blood hit the girl right in the eye, and along with a drop of blood, a spirit sprang into her body!

Now he uses the body of Ye Zhu for his own purposes … Suddenly the girl learns that the demons are plotting the apocalypse, wanting to drown the world in blood and turning it into hell on earth. And now a new world opens before her: evil spirits, terrible monsters, ghosts, demons and adventures, abounding in blood and animal fear.

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The history of web comics reveals the true human nature and shows how people fight evil to atone for their once-perfect sins …

Main characters

  • Ye Zhu – the main heroine, 23 years old, not married. Correspondent. Kind and gentle, but in some situations can show itself with a very tough side. Her weapon represents a certain substance that can take various forms. After discovering the ability to see the dead and otherworldly beings, resigned from work, but soon she was taken to a special unit to fight the supernatural.
  • Mo Sue is a ghost who has settled in Ye Zhu. Has white skin, red eyes and black, strongly tousled hair. A tall (180 cm) and attractive guy. Age is unknown. He became a ghost with the result of the murder: he was stabbed in the head by an unknown person. Many ghosts and creatures hate it and with all their might try to get rid of it. A little haughty and hooliganistic.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The launch of the animated project became known in August 2017. The premiere was planned for early 2018, but so far nothing is known about the film: it is not available on the network or on Chinese resources. Trailers are almost impossible to find even on foreign torrent trackers.
  2. The original source of the full-length anime is Black Pupil 2 – Web Manhua. The word “web” means that the comic book on which the film is based has color illustrations and is published exclusively online, in electronic format.
  3. Web comic was created in 2011 and is still published on the most popular Chinese resource for comic books. It registered more than 730 million users (since 2009).
  4. In addition to full-length anime, the author and directors promise an early release of a full-length film and the launch of the series, the actors for which have already been selected. All of them will be shot in the genre thriller, thriller and fantasy. In the minds of the author and developers of a series of video games on the subject of web comics.
  5. Web comics have been over 2.7 billion times since 2011.
  6. Web comics Black pupil 2 has many interesting non-template storylines, unpredictable turns of events, well-written and fully revealed characters. In addition, the manhua has a modern style of drawing which many readers and fans compare to the style of the most popular anime (manga) Bleach.
  7. According to the author, the name “Black pupil” is primarily based not on the appearance of the main heroine Ye Zhu, but on the general concept of the comics: the black badge is the embodiment of cruelty, horror, negativity and blood that people observe daily in their daily lives.
  8. At the beginning of 2018, the web comic has more than 220 chapters.
  9. For reasons of morality, anime and manhua have an age limit (16+) because of the multitude of bloody scenes, scenes of cruelty and violence.

Black Pupil 2 release date

Anime titleRelease date
Black Pupil 2unknown yet

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