The Blacklist Season 6


Having spent half of his conscious life on the run, Raymond Reddingon voluntarily surrenders to the FBI. To negotiate, he chooses a new employee, whose name he is known to know – this is Elizabeth Keane. He says that he pursues one goal – a blacklist, which he created for decades.

When will the series “Blacklist Season 6” come out?

The two-hour continuation of the TV series “Blacklist” will be released on NBC on January 3, 2019. Logical calculation of criminals has always been a favorite topic of viewers. Earlier this was already proved by the series “Sherlock” and “Elementary.”


Raymond searched for many years, but could not find. Everywhere there were search signs, the police knew him in person, but no one could catch him. Everything changed when the man himself appeared in the FBI building. He demanded comfortable living conditions, the help of Elizabeth Keane’s agent and freedom.

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In return, he offered to declassify his blacklist, which had been created for decades. In this list there were names of villains that even the FBI did not know about. These people have caused irreparable harm to society. In a short time, the organization’s management agreed to the terms of the extortionist.

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The first season showed what the villains on the blacklist are capable of. Elizabeth’s husband was injured, a little girl was kidnapped, and the streets of the city suffered significant devastation. Having lost his head from anger, Keen heads directly to Reynolds, who claims that he did not know about the attack on her husband.

Shot from the series

After the first enemy, the rest followed, which were even worse. Now the FBI has no choice – they will have to cooperate with the criminal and go for his terms. Over time, Raymond and Elizabeth come together, but it is still unknown how far this can bring. How many more names are on the Reddington list? How long will the FBI indulge the vagaries of a fugitive criminal?

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Actors and their roles

  • Raymond “Red” Reddington – cunning, resourceful, charismatic, worked for many years on the government and knows the specifics of the work from the inside, in addition to the main adventures trying to establish a difficult relationship with his daughter – James Spader.
  • Elizabeth “Liz” Keen – just the other day got a job at the FBI as a forensic psychologist, after catching Reddington, she was taken away from the house by helicopter, no one knows that she is the daughter of a corrupt official and Russian spy, and is in a difficult relationship with Reynold – Megan Boone.

Interesting Facts

  1. In the first series you can see that everywhere posted posters about the search for Reddington. They are given the same date of birth as the actor who plays it.
  2. The pilot episode was shown on October 12, 2013 on NBC.
  3. The role of the main character was initially approved by Kiefer Sutherland, the directors could not decide for a long time between themselves – who they would like to see in this role. As a result, Spader got the role. After the launch of the pilot series, no one doubted that the choice was made correctly.
  4. Megan Boone recently found a woman in the arms. Now many fans are sure that this is her girlfriend, because for 5 seasons, reporters have never seen her with a man.
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Blacklist Season 6 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6x01Series 1January 3, 2019
6x02Series 2January 3, 2019
6x03Series 3January 10, 2019
6x04Series 4January 17, 2019
6x05Series 5January 24, 2019
6x06Series 6January 31, 2019
6x07Series 7February 7, 2019
6x08Series 8February 14, 2019
6x09Series 9February 21, 2019
6x10Series 10February 28, 2019

The Blacklist – Red/Lizzie/Dembe

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