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Ichigo Kurosaki began to see ghosts from a young age, which in his later life affected his character. He was gloomy and withdrawn, even though he was brought up in a diligent family, where his father was the head, and two younger sisters also grew up. It would seem that this gift does not prevent the guy from living a normal life, but suddenly appeared Shinigami Rukia destroys all hopes for a peaceful future.

When will the movie “Bleach 2” come out?

The first part of the film “Bleach” turned out to be the most popular of all Japanese television films created by Warner Bros., so viewers were confidently expecting a sequel. However, the new part of the fantastic action movie was not announced.


Shinigami is the goddess of death, whose tasks include taking away the deceased soul and sending it to the afterlife. Also, Rukia must protect living people from the ghosts called Empty. While the girl and the protagonist were communicating among themselves, the Empty appeared, who had time to seriously wound Rukia.

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In order not to lose her power, the goddess decided to violate the prohibitions of the “Community of Souls”, on which she works, and redirect half the force to Ichigo. The guy is so strong that he takes all the power of Rukia and easily overcomes the Empty.

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Now the former shinigami became an ordinary girl, and Ichigo becomes the conductor of the dead in the kingdom of heaven. While young people are fighting the Empty and sending the dead to eternal rest, in the other end of the world their fate is decided. The transfer of power was not without a trace. The “Community of souls” grabbed the poor girl and sent him under arrest.

Endowed with the maximum of opportunities, Ichigo gathers a team from his classmates and rescues Rukia. The second film will tell you who is behind the conclusion of Rukia. This man will become the main antagonist of the second part. Who became a traitor? And when will the forces of Rukia return to her possession?

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Left – the hero of the movie, right – the hero of anime

Actors and their roles

  • Ichigo Kurosaki is a resident of Western Tokyo, since childhood he has seen dead people, after the forces given by Rukia, becomes Shinigami – Sota Fukushi.
  • Rukia Kuchiki – originally appeared in the film as the goddess of death, but later became a mere mortal, a youthful appearance, in reality she is more than 150 years old, was imprisoned in the “Afterlife” because of the transfer of her magical powers to a mere mortal – Sugisaki Khan.
  • Uriu Ishida is the last of the noble kind of quincy who are at odds with the “Community of Souls”, studies with Ichigo, helped pull Rukia out of confinement, likes to embroider and even attends a circle for needlewomen – Ryu Josizawa.

Interesting Facts

  1. The producer of the picture was Peter Sigal, previously known for his work on the films “Harness the Brains” and “50 First Kisses”.
  2. Attempts by European directors to create an original story recently fail, and the viewer requires a screen presentation. This is a tremendous push to look to the East and begin to draw ideas from their fellow men.
  3. The manga was written by Taito Kubo, the first volume was released in 2001. Currently, more than 70 volumes have been created. Manga was recognized as a cult bestseller in the US and Japan.
  4. In the original story of the manga, the main character has an orange hair color. Counting this venture is not too successful, director Shinsuke Sato allowed Fukushi to leave his original color. This is the most striking difference between a manga and a film.
  5. According to the rating of expectations, the movie “Bleach” in the first week outscored the ratings of the picture with a similar theme “Ghost in the Shell”. Even Scarlett Johansson, who shot in the second movie, could not help in gaining popularity.
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Bleach 2: release date

NameRelease date
Bleach 2not announced

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