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The world is full of unsolved mysteries. One of these policemen was found in the middle of New York, in the heart of Times Square. Local residents found a bag with unknown contents. The find shocked even the most hardened police officers.

When will the series “Blindspot Season 4” be released?

Continuation of the mystical series “Blindspot” will be broadcast on October 12, 2018 on NBC. The picture causes an increased interest of the viewer, so that the beginning of season 4 was known even before the release of the third.


In the bag was a naked woman, whose body was stuffed with tattoos. Luckily for the police, she was alive. When examining the body, specialists find a tattoo on the back with the name of one of the police stations – they are Kurt Weller.

The girl herself can not say anything about this, because she does not remember the events that took place until the moment she was found. She comes up with the name Jane Doe and starts participating in police events, helping them to uncover investigations using their tattoos.

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It is unclear where, she knows several languages ​​and owns martial arts. With each passing day, she is increasingly trying to remember who she is and only at the end of season 3 she learns that her real name is Ellis Kruger. She was born and brought up to become a universal soldier of one of the scientific corporations.

Shot from the series

In the third season, Jane and Kurt will marry and find out that the girl has a daughter from a past life. Closer to the end of season 3, the creators will leave so many secrets that it will be impossible to break away from viewing the 4th season.

Actors and their roles

  • Jane Doe – Jaimie Alexander. Appeared in the films “Thor”, “The Return of the Hero”, “London Fields”. She took part in the series “Bones”, “C.S.I. Crime scene”, “Sister Jackie”, “Secret Perceptions”.
  • Kurt Weller – Sullivan Stapleton. Became popular after the release of the movie “300 Spartans: the Rise of the Empire”, where he acted as the main character. He also took part in the films “Sentenced”, “Hunters”, “According to wolf laws”.
  • Agent Patterson – Ashley Johnson. Since 1990 he has been an active actor. Then she starred with Nicole Gaultier. Her parents are very famous people. She lit up in such popular films as “Avengers”, “Columbus Day”, “The Nation of Fast Food”. Played a daughter Mel Gibson in the movie “What Women Want”.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Shooting the series took place in New York, so the viewer can learn a lot of familiar places.
  2. The NBS channel has been broadcasting the show since September 21, 2015. Since then, there have been 68 episodes, each of which seats more than 2 million viewers at TV screens.
  3. On the body of Jane is more than 200 tattoos. The process of putting on the makeup takes more than 6 hours and requires three pairs of hands. Unfortunately, so far there have been no invented technologies that can help reduce time. But by the beginning of the third season, no one had complained about it.
  4. One of the directors of the series was Mark Pellington, his most memorable works are “The Road to Arlington”, “The Last Word”, “Detective Rush”, “Slaughter Department”. Also known as an excellent actor, who is shot preferably in action films and other heavy films. Perhaps this helps him find a common language with the actors on the set.
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Blindspot Season 4 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1October 12, 2018
4x02Series 2October 19, 2018
4x03Series 3October 26, 2018
4x04Series 4November 2, 2018
4x05Series 5November 9, 2018
4x06Series 6November 16, 2018
4x07Series 7November 23, 2018
4x08Series 8November 30, 2018
4x09Series 9December 7, 2018
4x10Series 10December 14, 2018

Roman and Patterson the elevator scene


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