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DCI Tom Brannick has seen a lot of incredible crimes in his lifetime. But one thing stuck in his memory forever: many years ago, a gang that despised the police stole his wife. Two decades passed, and he knew perfectly well that he would never meet her again. But one day there is a tiny hope that the woman is alive…

“Bloodlands ss 3”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the crime drama “Bloodlands” has not yet been officially announced, but the success of the released seasons speaks in favor of new episodes. It is worth adding that the number of viewers of the season 1 in the UK was about 10 million people. The season 2 showed less demand — 3.5 million viewers, but still the popularity of the project is obvious. Based on this, film critics are suggesting that season 3 is quite real.

The season 2 of the TV show “Bloodlands” was released 1.5 years after the premiere of the first one. Despite this, it is believed that new episodes will be released in a year — in the fall of 2023. There is no more precise information yet. We are waiting for Chris Brandon, the creator of the project, or his colleagues to make official statements.


Izzy Brannick barely remembers her mother. Over the years without her, the girl has become an adult, and now she is successfully mastering the medical specialty. Izzy wants to get into residency, and her father is proud of her. At a birthday event, Tom gives her a mother’s pendant. He has long come to terms with the fact that his wife died because of the bandits operating in 1998, and now the detective has decided to give the family heirloom to his daughter.

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Soon the police learn about the disappearance of Pat Keenan. He is a well-known womanizer, and also one of those who in 1998 called on the townspeople to take up arms against the police. By the way, very successful. To this day, local residents do not like law enforcement officers and do not always assist them. Pat’s car is found in the lake, but the man himself is not in it. But a message has been left…

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In it, the unknown person uses an old military cipher, which is so familiar to Brannick. It becomes clear that someone is holding Keenan hostage. A conversation with his wife does not lead to anything, since the woman categorically refuses to deal with representatives of law and order. Tom exacerbated the situation by coming to her uninvited. He starts asking provocative and inappropriate questions.

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Frame from the TV show

The situation is heating up. Unknown persons are trying to throw Molotov cocktails into a service car near the police building. Arriving at the last moment, Brannick barely saves his colleague and realizes that the criminals were sent by Mrs. Keenan, who did not approve of Tom’s wayward antics. But there is no choice: they have to make do with their forces, looking for Pat.

Niamh, Tom’s partner, increasingly wonders why he is obsessed with capturing a bandit like Keenan. But for Brannick, it’s simple. Many years ago, one of the police officers kidnapped four people, including Tom’s wife. Since the police had declared a tenuous truce with Keenan’s supporters at that point, everyone turned a blind eye to these disappearances.

But here a clue appears that indicates that the bodies of the abductees may be in a certain place. With great fear of finding the bones of an unforgettable wife at the indicated place, Tom goes there. He was already tired of wondering if his wife was able to get out or not. Now Brannick is ready to hear the truth…

Actors and their roles

  • Tom Brannick — a widower who single-handedly raised a beautiful daughter; a good detective who is interested in someone nicknamed Goliath; Tom believes that it was he who was involved in the kidnapping of his wife, who at one time worked for intelligence and became easy prey for enemies — James Nesbitt.
  • Jackie Twomey — Tom’s old fighting comrade; worked with him when Tom’s wife disappeared; holds a position above Brannick; forbids him to spend resources on Goliath and offers to do things that do not require delay — Lorcan Cranitch.
  • Niamh McGovern — Tom’s colleague, his faithful partner, whom he trusts with his most intimate secrets; she easily finds a common language with civilians and is more willing to make contact — Charlene McKenna.
  • Izzy Brannick — Tom’s daughter; a young girl who decided to become a doctor; after college, she wanted to become an intern and take her place in the city hospital — Lola Petticrew.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The TV show was filmed primarily in the countryside around Strangford Lough in the east of Northern Ireland.
  2. James Nesbitt is often confused with the American actor Titus Welliver, who played in the TV series “Lost”, “Sons of Anarchy”, “Prison Break”, “Supernatural“, and “The X-Files“. And Nesbitt starred in the TV series “The Hobbit” (3 parts), “The Missing”, “Jekyll”, “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” etc.
  3. In 2021, James Nesbitt was nominated for the Irish Film & Television Awards, and in 2022 the actor participated in the annual International Press Academy Satellite Awards. Unfortunately, both times James became only a nominee, giving the victory to his rivals.

Bloodlands Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 12023
3x02Series 22023
3x03Series 32023
3x04Series 42023
3x05Series 52023
3x06Series 62023

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