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For a long time Harry Bosch worked in the police department of Los Angeles, where he works to this day. A man considers work to be his direct duty and tries all his free time to disclose crimes. Every day facing the atrocities of his hometown, Harry does not forget about a case that can not be revealed for several years.

When will the series “Bosch Season 5” come out?

Continuation of the multi-series “Bosch” is expected on April 19, 2019. On the extension of the series for the next season it became known even before the release of the fourth, because the project is considered one of the longest-running in the history of the Amazon channel.


Having recommended himself as an excellent specialist, Harry works for the public good. Let not every person remains a grateful detective, but Bosch firmly believes that he is doing the right thing. Any case that falls into the hands of a man is carried out with special diligence, due to which usually has a completion, because Harry will not disregard even the smallest details.

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Besides work, he is passionate about music, considering jazz to be truly unique. It never opens to people and detached from colleagues. Nobody can guess what is happening in the soul of the best detective department, because he tries not to devote others to their problems.

For many years, Bosch’s thoughts are aimed at studying the details of the case of the murder of a 13-year-old. The moment has come when Harry is absolutely sure that he will be able to catch a maniac who has deprived the boy of life. More and more delving into the secrets of the past crime, he imperceptibly turns out to be the first suspect in this case.

Maniac was not from a timid ten, determined to substitute under the impact of a brilliant detective. Now Bosch will have to prove to others that the killer is a completely different person. Can Harry prove his innocence and what will this long history be like for him?

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Shot from the series

Actors and their roles

  • Harry Bosch – a master of his case, fixated on a long-standing murder, after a thorough trial himself becomes a suspect – Titus Welliver.
  • Jerry Edgar – Detective – Jamie Hector.
  • Grace Biltles – works with Bosch as Lieutenant – Amy Aquino.

Interesting Facts

  1. Even before the release of season 4, a whole mountain of letters from the fans of the TV series hit the Amazon TV channel, asking them to give life to the film for season 5. Sharon Tal Yugado, who at the moment is one of the company’s executives, happily delivered the news to the rest of the companions. As a result, the series received a guarantee for the season 5.
  2. The pilot episode was shown in 2014. Since then, on all popular sites, the series has maintained its leading position, without losing its votes every subsequent season.
  3. The series is based on numerous novels written by Michael Conelli and narrated about the life of a certain Harry Bosch. Books were issued from 1992 to 2016. At the present time it is not known whether Conelli will still be replicating his books.
  4. Each season consists of 10 series of 50 minutes each. The ether time is enough to completely reveal the story and not allow the viewer to remain in ignorance. Judging by the ratings, the series perfectly copes with its task.
  5. Titus Welliver, who performs the main role, first appeared in the image of a gloomy, taciturn detective, although he has a colossal list of roles. His work is highly valued by other actors, considering the game of Titus alive.
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Bosch Season 5 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1April 19, 2019
5x02Series 2April 26, 2019
5x03Series 3May 3, 2019
5x04Series 4May 10, 2019
5x05Series 5May 17, 2019
5x06Series 6May 24, 2019
5x07Series 7May 31, 2019
5x08Series 8June 7, 2019
5x09Series 9June 14, 2019
5x10Series 10June 21, 2019

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