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No matter how many years have passed, Harry Bosch can not forget one thing many years ago, which to this day is considered unsolved. As a brilliant policeman, a department employee, and just a good man, Bosch cannot afford to leave this matter unheeded. Here only to open it there is no opportunity. Every day he faces difficulties at work. Maybe today there will be some kind of clue?

When will the series “Bosch Season 6” be released?

The next season of the detective series “Bosch” viewers will see on April 16, 2020. Amazon TV channel considers the picture one of the most profitable projects in recent years, so you can be sure that the main character’s misadventure season 6 will not end. It is already known that the shooting of season 7 will start in February 2020.


Harry Bosch has an ideal reputation in public circles. He is not always lucky to communicate with colleagues, but many other people know that you can turn to Harry for help and he just will not dare to refuse. No matter how busy Harry is – he will check all the evidence, carry out a thorough examination of the crime scene and be able to find the smallest lead that will lead him to solve the case.

Most of Bosch’s cases are crimes that have already been solved, and their perpetrators are serving prison sentences. But gangsters and murderers are not the only hobbies that a talented policeman has. He is not indifferent to musical compositions. Jazz for him is God’s creation.

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Few colleagues know about it, but Bosch is an introvert and is not shy about sending people to hell. Even Harry sometimes has a heavy heart, but self-estrangement does not give him the right to hang the burden of his own problems on others. A. By the way, some of his entourage would have liked to learn more about Bosch. To get frankness from a man, you have to go through almost 10 circles of hell.

Frame from the series

For several years, Bosch has had one case in his head – the death of a child who is about to turn 13 years old. Killing a little man was for Bosch nothing more than a desire to prove the guilt of the killer. But at the last moment the bait fell off the hook and Harry was left with nothing – only he and the unsolved crime.

The more Harry deepens into the secrets of the case, the more strange the circumstances become. In the end, everything turns against Bosch, because he becomes the main suspect in this crime. Maniac framed detective under attack and Harry will have to use all his skills in order to prove the opposite.

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The season 6 will envelop the viewer with a web of secrets formed by unresolved affairs, as well as introduce new circumstances of the personal life of the great detective Harry Bosch. No one can get away from justice, but it is getting harder and harder to put such people in prison – injustice prevails everywhere, and Bosch is not ready to put up with it…

Actors and their roles

  • Harry Bosch – a detective, works well with evidence, doesn’t have a common language with people, nevertheless, has a good reputation among local residents, couldn’t find the killer of a 13-year-old boy for a long time and was even substituted himself, but could prove his innocence and plant criminal behind bars – Titus Welliver.
  • Grace Billets – a lieutenant, Bosch’s partner and his best friend – Amy Aquino.
  • Jerry Edgar – a detective working in the same department as Bosch – Jamie Hector.

Interesting Facts

  1. The season 1 immediately identified itself as the leader among other TV shows of Amazon. Only a few years later, the company launched an innovative project, which was named “The Man in the High Castle”. Currently, the project is gaining momentum and uneven hour, when he will overtake “Bosch” in terms of ratings. But for this the creators of the new project need to increase the ratings of the picture.
  2. Many of the roles of Jamie Hector in previous serials were only episodic – the actor rarely managed to achieve more air time in the frame. Likewise, in “Bosch”, first a small role was prepared for Jamie, but after working with him the directors asked the screenwriters and creators to remove the storyline where his hero Jerry Edgar dies. So Hector became a regular character.
  3. The picture premiered on February 6, 2014. The series has a relatively good rating, and its rating on the IMDb website is 8.40. For such a film is an excellent indicator, so do not think about its soon closing. Harry Bosch’s adventures are just starting to gain momentum, as each season surely attracts more and more viewers to television screens.
  4. Titus Welliver has long earned the fame of a popular film actor. In 2018, he starred in the movie “Escape Plan 2”, where his colleague in the picture was Sylvester Stallone. Men communicate well and therefore decided that they should try to play in the general film. This was followed by another successful collaboration – and it continues to this day.
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Bosch Season 6: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6x01Series 1April 16, 2020
6x02Series 2April 16, 2020
6x03Series 3April 16, 2020
6x04Series 4April 16, 2020
6x05Series 5April 16, 2020
6x06Series 6April 16, 2020
6x07Series 7April 16, 2020
6x08Series 8April 16, 2020
6x09Series 9April 16, 2020
6x10Series 10April 16, 2020

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