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90s. Lisa Nova is a young, talented girl who dreams of building a career in directing. After filming her first thriller film, she travels to Hollywood to meet renowned producer Lou Burke. But this meeting turns out to be fatal, after which the girl’s life changes. Little happens in her career, but now she can take revenge on her enemies in full…

“Brand New Cherry Flavor ss 2”: release date, announcement

There is no information on the sequel to the TV show “Brand New Cherry Flavor”, but the end of season 1 fully revealed the fate of each hero. The TV project is conceived as a limited series, so we shouldn’t wait for the next season.


Not so long ago, Lisa Nova left Los Angeles. But when Lou Burke became interested in her film, the girl came back. Here her friends were waiting for her, with whom Lisa temporarily settled. Lou has not released new films for a long time, but past achievements made him pay attention to him. After the first meeting, he wrote the girl a check with a very good amount. After signing the contract, Burke must direct the film.

The next meeting with him turned out to be unpleasant for Lisa, since Lou was harassing her. Deciding not to focus on this, Nova waited for the end of the story with the movie. But Burke decided everything a long time ago: he took another director into the project, and Lisa was left abandoned – without a movie and with new mental wounds. Enraged, she broke into his house, where Lou treated her like a nonentity.

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Not knowing what to do, Nova remembers an aged woman who once met her at an exhibition. She offered her services, the essence of which was to harm people who offended Lisa. Having refused the stranger, the girl remembers that incident for a long time. One day the woman’s cat comes to her house, and the girl realizes that she wants to hurt Lou.

Frame from the TV show

Finding a woman is not difficult. A strange person sits on an ordinary chair in a strange building and is in an equally strange society. At the same time, a tattoo machine is working in her hands. Lisa is ready to punish Burke at any cost. Having received a kind of payment, the woman lets Lisa go and promises that Lou will be finished.

From that moment on, a pitch hell begins on the TV show, which will not leave indifferent fans of the most brutal horror films of our time. The transformation of an initially closed young girl into an instrument of revenge, and then making a victim out of her, takes place over the course of 8 episodes. The future is unpredictable just as much as the fate of Lisa Nova…

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Actors and their roles

  • Lisa Nova — a young girl dreaming of creating her own movie; is harassed by the employer, then deceived by him, because her movie has become a stranger, and her participation in the project is useless; decided to take revenge on the offender, but she herself became a victim and underwent hallucinations — Rosa Salazar.
  • Lou Burke — won an Oscar many years ago, which he loves to remember; accidentally saw the movie Lisa and decided to cash in on it by deceiving the girl; became the object of her hatred, she brought terrible curses on him; dirtyly pestered Lisa, but she was adamant; Lou has no conscience, he calmly deceives people — Eric Lange.
  • Boro — the same lady who offered Lisa to take revenge on Burke; wears strange outfits; owns mystical magic, so terrible that it is able to pull the body of a newly born kitten out of a person’s mouth; lives in a place that looks like a greenhouse; makes strange tattoos — Catherine Keener.
  • Roy — Lisa’s boyfriend, whom Lou introduced her to; successful actor; he partly knows about his girlfriend’s plans, but does not go into details — Jeff Ward.

Interesting Facts

  1. Since 2019, Rosa Salazar has been actively acting in the most talked about TV shows, while all her roles are diverse, and this is the first time she has played a “mad director” who dreams of murderous revenge.
  2. For the role of Lisa Nova’s boyfriend, an actor was chosen who would look good next to the actress. It was important for director Jake Schreier to see exactly the harmonious couple in the frame. Jeff Ward is fortunate in both looks and 5.7 feet tall. He fits perfectly with Rosa Salazar, who is 5.4 feet tall.
  3. The location of Boro’s house was an old greenhouse, in which no one has lived for many years. Having populated it with huge plants, decorators gave the place a special entourage. Interior items were found at a nearby landfill, including Top 10 Best TV Shows to Watch Now! 2021the chair on which the heroine was sitting. They had to shoot only at night.
  4. The first season was filmed over 30 days. Was spent 950 thousand dollars, half of which went to royalties for the actors. A large sum was received by Rosa Salazar ($ 260,000) and Eric Lange ($ 190,000).
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Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced
2x07Series 7not announced
2x08Series 8not announced

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