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Lenina Crowne has been working as a nurse all her life in a world where people are divided into classes. The higher the class, the more contempt they have for the lower strata of society. Lust reigns in this world, and such a thing as monogamy is considered a crime. The motto of the new world is “I belong to everyone”, but not all people are happy from this…

“Brave New World ss 2”: release date, announcement

The TV series “Brave New World”, based on the popular novel of the same name, was initially unsuitable for several seasons. Despite the fact that the audience followed the development of events with great pleasure, the management of the TV show decided to close the project. There will be no second season.

Recall that the great writer Aldous Huxley wrote the book “Brave New World” back in 1931 and its story was told in the 1st season.


London, 2541. Society is so accustomed to living according to the established order that sexual intercourse with the same person lends itself to criticism or open contempt. Lenina spent two months indulging in amorous pleasures with one person, after which she was summoned to a serious conversation with Bernard, whose duty was to suppress such incidents.

Bernard himself is a puny, unsympathetic and modest person, which does not fit his A + class. Some people often joke about him, but he constantly manages to show that determination and external confidence override his nondescript appearance. Having sent Lenina in search of a new man, he himself decides on an intimate relationship.

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While Lenina successfully spends time with a new boyfriend in a public place, Bernard, being in the same place, refuses two girls and goes home. Lenina follows him and finds out why he disregarded the rules of society, deciding to give up carnal pleasures. It turned out that both Lenina and Bernard feel pain that cannot be drowned out by available means.

Frame from the TV show

And the available remedy in this world is soma – special drug, from which all sadness leaves. Lenina confesses to Bernard that she did not care about the past relationship – she just wanted to look into the essence of this person and see, as a scientist, what is in him.

During this time, John spends time as a hermit. He does not understand why people should sleep with each other, he despises his mother, sitting by the window in an obscene manner. John does not accept soma, he likes one girl, he loves music, but soon the guy will have such tests that will turn his idea of ​​the world upside down. And falling in love with Lenina will be the beginning of the end for him.

The series shows what our society can be like if consumption is elevated into a cult. Humanity goes away, but along with it other problems go away, so such a society has both its advantages and disadvantages. Only time will tell to what the brave new world can bring to John, such an unsuitable person for it.

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Main characters

  • John – lives in a separate place where people who are disliked by society are placed; is ashamed of his mother, rarely mentions his influential father; fell in love with Lenina, but does not support the idea that one person should belong to the rest; due to depression, he decides to live as a hermit, which becomes a turning point in his life – Alden Ehrenreich.
  • Bernard – belongs to the A + class, but outwardly looks like a lower class; is ridiculed and disrespected by society; spends a lot of time with Lenina, who, like Bernard himself, experiences a strange, almost physical feeling of pain; Bernard sometimes wants to be alone, which is considered a sign of bad taste – Harry Lloyd.
  • Lenina Crowne – a girl whose ambitions cannot be satisfied even by soma; friendly, peaceful, responsive, loves to get to the bottom of the truth; sometimes her impulses are assessed by Bernard as an A + act, although in fact she belongs to the B + class – Jessica Brown Findlay.

Interesting Facts

  1. 30 years after the publication of Aldous Huxley’s book, the next edition came out, where Aldous admitted that society was moving towards the usual way of the book even faster than he thought. The writer saw in the real world all the prerequisites for the fact that in half a century society could in fact become the same as in the book. The present time proves that Aldous was right.
  2. Jessica Brown Findlay is fortunate enough to be among the main cast of the television series, as Ellen Page was initially cast as Lenina. Unfortunately for Ellen, “Brave New World” and another project with her, “The Umbrella Academy”, were filmed at the same time. And the actress was forced to act in season 2 of “Academy”.
  3. No makeup was invented for Alden Ehrenreich. His face was only slightly “soiled”. The directors agreed that the actor’s beard plays its part, introducing a certain negligence into his image. After filming season 1, Alden himself realized that he was better off without a beard, so he shaved and stopped growing stubble.
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Brave New World Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1the project is closed
2x02Series 2the project is closed
2x03Series 3the project is closed
2x04Series 4the project is closed
2x05Series 5the project is closed
2x06Series 6the project is closed
2x07Series 7the project is closed
2x08Series 8the project is closed
2x09Series 9the project is closed

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