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For Paul and Ally, parenthood is hard work. They have cute children, but as soon as the parents are left alone with them, they immediately feel their nerves fail. Constant lack of sleep, problems with neighbors and work troubles turn parents into walking zombies. But the burden of responsibility is stronger: they only want the best for Luke and Ava, which means they have to try to be good parents…

“Breeders ss 4”: release date, announcement

Viewers exhausted by family life are looking forward to the continuation of the Breeders TV series, which, according to official sources, is scheduled for July 31, 2023! Unfortunately, this season will be the final one.
Many life stories make the picture funny and easy for an evening family viewing. And why close the project if the ratings of each season just go off scale?


Often in the evenings, Paul and Ally cannot put the children to bed. They do not want to sleep, because the vital energy in them is in full swing. From time to time, Paul promises himself not to take it out on the children, but rarely keeps this promise. Screaming children bring the father to such stress that he is ready to kill them, and therefore, together with his wife, they joke that one day they will strangle them with a blanket.

One sleepless night followed by another. Time passes, and the burden of problems becomes only more extensive. Their eldest son Luke is terribly afraid of fire, so he asks a lot of questions on this topic, which pisses Paul off. The father persistently explains that in an emergency, the fire alarm installed in the house will work. But is this an argument for a little boy?

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When it is time for Paul to sleep, he tosses and turns in bed for a long time — this is how the stress associated with lack of sleep affects him. Hard working days give way to even more exhausting nights that seem to have no end. And besides this, Paul still has to take care of his sick parents, who from childhood instilled in him a sense of guilt.

The main characters of the TV series “Breeders”

One day Ally wakes up early in the morning: no children, Paul is also missing. There is no car near the house. And she starts thinking about different situations. She remembers a joke about a blanket that parents would use to strangle their children. The fire alarm is smashed to pieces and there is a bloody towel on the kitchen table… Thinking of the worst, Ally calls the police. In fact, the trip by car gave the husband and children the opportunity to sleep…

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Seasons 2 and 3 also focus on the turbulent days of the couple Ally and Paul. Children grow up, adding new problems. But one thing remains unchanged: parents, as before, appreciate the peace that they so rarely have to get…

Actors and their roles

  • Paul — a connoisseur of the family hearth; even before the birth of children, he showed himself as a person who easily finds a common language with children; loves his son and daughter, but often allows himself to yell at them properly, which, in fact, does not give any effect; is engaged in the implementation of Luke and Ava, because he considers this the basis of a happy life — Martin Freeman.
  • Ally — a calm mother of the family; able to approach the situation without unnecessary tantrums; calms her husband when it comes to the antics of children; does not love her father, moreover, does not hide the fact that she chose her husband on the basis of “nothing like her father”; easy-going, does not conflict, easily admits mistakes — Daisy Haggard.
  • Ava — the daughter of Paul and Ally; lover of fairy tales, pink things, unicorns, ponies and similar girly trinkets; loves educational stories and when mom tells them — Jayda Eyles/Eve Prenelle.
  • Luke — Ava’s brother; worried about the fire after the lessons on fire safety taught at the school; after his father’s explanations, he began to fear the possibility of drowning, as well as criminals who might be waiting outside the door — George Wakeman / Alex Eastwood.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Young George Wakeman was born in 2009 and at the time of filming the season 1 he was 9 years old. The boy shows acting talent, but so far he has starred only in the TV series “Parents of the Year”. Film critics are sure that George has a great future.
  2. Jayda Eyles, along with her parents, decided to continue her acting career and the girl has already starred in the film “The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star”, released in 2021. And it was followed by a new project “The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight”, which has not yet been released.
  3. Lead actor Martin Freeman has repeatedly said that some of the stories are written off from his life, so he helped with writing the script on the TV show. He is also the executive producer of the film. On the set of season 2, he learned that his friend Chadwick Boseman, with whom he starred in the movie “Black Panther” for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, died after a long battle with cancer.

Breeders Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1July 31, 2023
4x02Series 2July 31, 2023
4x03Series 3August 7, 2023
4x04Series 4August 14, 2023
4x05Series 5August 21, 2023
4x06Series 6August 28, 2023
4x07Series 7September 4, 2023
4x08Series 8September 11, 2023
4x09Series 9September 18, 2023
4x10Series 10September 25, 2023

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