Britannia Season 3


There are legends about the pride of the British people, and many know that truly amazing creatures used to live in the forests of Britain. In an effort to conquer a large territory, the Roman Empire advanced. According to the conquerors of Rome, it was Britain who had to bow her head before the Roman emperor. But this opinion was wrong – the emperor did not know what to expect the Romans in the British forest…

When will the series “Britannia Season 3” come out?

The sequel to the serial fantastic drama “Britain” will take place in the spring of 2020. The broadcast takes place on the popular television channel Amazon Prime, while the company Netflix has repeatedly tried to outbid, but Amazon remained adamant in its decision.

p.s. According to the latest information, the coronavirus pandemic froze the project, postponing the premiere of season 3 for an indefinite period. Most likely, the new series will be released no earlier than the end of 2020.


43 year BC. The Roman emperor sent Aulus Plautius to British territory, giving him an army with a thousand soldiers. Since Aulus did not consider it necessary to treat his opponents with respect, he soon realized how wrong he was. Britain was not going to give up their positions, on the contrary – Aulus, in her experience, became acquainted with the mysterious magic of the local lands – the magic of the earth.

This weapon was considered the main trump card of the British, but Rome was too vain. At a time when the Emperor  of Rome, Claudius, decided to send Plautius with a large army into the territory of enemies, the attack was considered far from the first. The Romans managed to study the cards far and wide. But this did not bring them any results, because the earth cannot serve anyone.

The first problem for Aulus was the unwillingness of the Romans to step on Britain. The soldiers knew that this would not end well, so they refused to fight in a battle where the Romans would lose in advance. Avlus had to take tough measures against his people in order to make them attack enemies. But the conquest of this land could not pass unhindered.

Frame from the series

Queen Antedia did not talk for a long time with the Roman “messenger” of the Emperor – the woman sharply declared that the Romans should leave the foreign territory. Thus began the most bloody war of those times. Magic, weapons, violence, and other methods were chosen to influence their opponents. Nobody wanted to give in, but people died, and died…

In season 3, Antedia is not without its supporters. One war ended, but this is not a reason to lay down arms. The queen remains strong as long as the magic of the druids is with her. But what will happen to the great ruler if they decide to go to the other side?

Actors and their roles

  • Kerra – one of the supporters of Britain, the Celtic princess, ready to oppose Avulus on the side of Antedia, believes that it is necessary to do everything possible to preserve the British lands – Kelly Reilly.
  • Antedia – Queen of the Regni, hostile to the Roman army, is not going to surrender to the enemy without a fight, she only goes forward, persuaded Kerra and the Druids to take her side and protect common lands from the enemy – Zoë Wanamaker.
  • Aulus Plautius – the envoy of the Roman Emperor Claudius, the main antagonist of the series, commands the many thousands of Roman army, Avlus is very cruel, greedy for power, he does not know how to evaluate his enemies, so often remains the loser, his head would be Queen Antedia would hang with pleasure at the head of his bed – David Morrissey.

Interesting Facts

  1. The filming process of the first two seasons could be seen near the British Isles. In season 3, some of the scenes took place in the side of Scotland, but a more precise place is not specified. Shooting is still underway, and project participants do not give any comments about the new season.
  2. One of the big advantages of the series is the landscape. The open areas of Britain strike with a riot of colors and help the viewer to plunge into the times when there were no endless buildings. Here nature was able to preserve its magnificence, and operators – to show it in all its glory.
  3. Many historians resent the fact that the events of the painting can hardly be called truthful. But the series is a fiction writers fiction, so do not pay much attention to historical facts.
  4. On the Rotten Tomatoes website, “Britannia” has one of the highest ratings for 2018. The total target audience was more than 35 million people. This is such a colossal number that the actors themselves did not expect. Their game in conjunction with the brilliant story won a huge number of spectators.
  5. The premiere was held in October 2017 on Amazon Prime. Back at the beginning of the series, it was known that there were at least 2 seasons ahead. The future of the picture will be known only after it becomes known rating season 2.
  6. The participation of David Morrissey was not discussed – he was the only one of all invited to the role. Then it became known that he had a bigger fee than the others. At the time of season 2, the actors received the same amount.

Britannia Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1the end of 2020
3x02Series 2the end of 2020
3x03Series 3the end of 2020
3x04Series 4the end of 2020
3x05Series 5the end of 2020
3x06Series 6the end of 2020
3x07Series 7the end of 2020
3x08Series 8the end of 2020
3x09Series 9the end of 2020
3x10Series 10the end of 2020

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