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A fascinating comedy tells of a police station in which the captain was replaced. Now, instead of imposing work, employees will face heavy paperwork and strict observance of established norms.

When will the series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6” come out?

Continuation of the exciting TV series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6 season” will be available on January 10, 2019. Since the profitability of the series during the first five seasons only increases, the filming of the sixth season began in early 2018.


Jake Peralta is considered the best detective in his area. He is ready to perform the most difficult tasks in the shortest possible time. But, like all gifted individuals, the guy has his weak points. Work with the design of documents and the business style of the police department depress the detective.

The past captain of the police was indulgent about the eccentric guy, but now Captain Holt has entered this post, who does not tolerate any excuses. The new boss demands from his subordinates a full report on the work done, the classic appearance and conducts total control over each employee.

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Each employee took his position in relations with a superior leader. Amy Santiago does his best to curry favor with the captain, Rosa Diaz unsuccessfully trying to control outbursts of anger, and Jake can not live a day, so as not to annoy the “beloved” boss.

Captain Holt is a very unusual person. Firstly, a man is African American, and secondly he is married to a man. Nobody understands – in the mood now the boss or not, because the expression on his face is always the same.

The daily routine of police officers is generously diluted with jokes and the most ridiculous stories of their daily lives. Will colleagues be able to resist the boss? Or, perhaps, the day will come when all members of the collective will live in peace and harmony?

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Actors and their roles

  • Jake Peralta, impulsive, arrogant, but an excellent specialist – Andy Samberg. Comedian, musician, screenwriter and actor. He voiced his roles in the cartoons “Monsters on vacation”, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” and “Storks”. The last acting roles were roles in the films “Grown Ups 2”, “Neighbors on the Warpath” and “The Master is not all hands”, where he worked together with Nicolas Cage.
  • Captain Holt, it’s never clear what he has in mind – Andre Braugher. He began his career in 1989, starring in the military film “Glory”. Then his assistants for the set were Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman.
  • Amy, an upstart, tries to prove her steepness – Melissa Fumero. The most extensive work of the actress was in the series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, where she participates in 2013. The rest of the roles were only episodic.
  • Rose, a girl with an impetuous masculine character – Stephanie Beatriz. He is an open supporter of bisexualism. It is filmed only in television series, including “Jesse”, “Short 12”, “Let’s get acquainted”.
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Interesting Facts

  1. All the action of the series is shot only on one camera. The viewer can see this if he closely observes the operator’s work.
  2. Each season contains a different number of episodes. The sixth season will consist of 22 series.
    “Rotten Tomatoes” for several years now gives the series 90% freshness out of 100 possible.
  3. During the broadcast of the series, Andy Samberg and the entire cast were repeatedly nominated for television awards and won four times.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6x01Series 1January 10, 2019
6x02Series 2January 17, 2019
6x03Series 3January 24, 2019
6x04Series 4January 31, 2019
6x05Series 5February 7, 2019
6x06Series 6February 14, 2019
6x07Series 7February 21, 2019
6x08Series 8February 28, 2019
6x09Series 9March 7, 2019
6x10Series 10March 14, 2019

Brooklyn 9 9 The Epic Moment

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