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Jason Bull is an intelligent man, who by his own trial and error goes to the intended goals. Not every time to achieve the desired can be the first time, but Bull is not used to give up. This is a story about how an ordinary man achieved public recognition and earned a million fortune.

When will the series “Bull Season 3” come out?

The continuation of the comedy drama “Bull” will be held on September 24, 2018. Luck does not always accompany people, but there are those who do not turn off the planned plan. When a person’s hands fall, it is important to remember that all the failures are temporary.


Jason Bull is an excellent doctor who owns his own company. A man gives advice to other lawyers, but most of all he likes to interact with jurors. He possesses an exceptional talent for persuasion and can instill in the jurors that point of view that he considers correct.

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Jason, with excellent success, can use his deduction, since he has the peculiarity of noticing small details. If Bull is confident of his client’s innocence, then he will easily convince the entire courtroom. The third season will continue the narrative of the great figure and all the problems that he sweeps from his path with brilliance.

Thanks to the developed intuition, Jason easily recognizes human lies and can always take the right side, which is extremely important when referring clients. Even if others think that the case is hopeless, Bull is able to win it.

Over time, other lawyers began to be afraid of the ideal analyst and stopped taking matters from those clients who are going against Jason. The glory of his company was ahead of him. Will Bull have a losing deal? What arguments will be prepared by his opponents? And what kind of sacrifice did Jason suffer in order to achieve such a reputation?

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Shot from the series

Actors and their roles

  • Jason Bull is the owner of TAS, whose specialization is interaction with jurymen, an excellent lawyer, the best analyst in his field, has the creative potential that successfully applies in practice – Michael Weatherley.
  • Benny Colon – attorney – Freddie Rodriguez.
  • Marissa Morgan, an expert in neurolinguistics, and an employee of the State Department, helps Bull in difficult situations – Geneva Carr.

Interesting Facts

  1. Prototype of the main character was Phil McGraw. The man is a millionaire, the creator of a consulting firm, conducts an American television program Doctor Phil and writes books on psychology. McGraw constantly develops his field of activity, and in this series became a co-author.
  2. The pilot episode of the series was released on television on September 20, 2016. Exactly a week later, the filmmakers decided to extend the series for the 2nd season.
  3. Critics very unflatteringly responded about the first and second seasons, leaving devastating reviews on many sites. This fact absolutely did not stop spectators from watching the series and drawing their conclusions. In support of the series, it can be noted that with each season, the audience is only growing. It is possible that soon information will appear on the extension of the series for the fourth season already.
  4. The series can be called an artistic autobiography, but Phil McGraw admits that in real life to achieve wealth and recognition was much more difficult than described in the series.
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Bull Season 3 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1September 24, 2018
3x02Series 2October 1, 2018
3x03Series 3October 8, 2018
3x04Series 4October 15, 2018
3x05Series 5October 22, 2018
3x06Series 6October 29, 2018
3x07Series 7November 5, 2019
3x08Series 8November 12, 2019
3x09Series 9November 19, 2019
3x10Series 10November 26, 2019

Eliza Dushku’s Role on ‘Bull’ Was Cut Short After She Made Accusations: Report

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