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The thriller drama “Call the Midwife” tells the story of the 1950s-1960s and talks about a group of midwives who at the time were working in the Nonnatus House in London. The lack of birth control pills led to multiple abortions, unwanted children and other troubles that are not familiar to modern society…

When will the series “Call the Midwife” Season 9 be released?

The dramatic picture “Call the Midwife” will continue on January 5, 2020. The series is one of the few pictures that has not lost a single viewer in pursuit of ratings. 10.5 million people are viewed every season in their native UK, while this figure does not fall, unlike other TV shows.


Midwife Jenny Lee decides to go to a new job where the Nonnatus House, known for its loyal attitude to women in childbirth, turns out to be. Here you can get the help of professional midwives, as well as nuns, who also have skills in medicine. Anyone who asks for help will fall under the watchful eye of House staff.

But there are factors that make this work literally a hell for midwives. Nonnatus House is located in one of the poorest areas of London – in the district of Poplar, which is located in the East End. Every month, no less than 80 women give birth, and this only adds to the work of our heroine. Jenny Lee is simply out of her strength, trying to help those in need.

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In life, Jenny and her colleagues have a hard time – not every child is saved, and sometimes children are born with injuries or obvious signs of illness. Some women spend their entire lives in the dreams of offspring, because they have not been able to become pregnant for many years and have lost all hope that their dreams can come true.

The Nonnatus House

But tragic cases make midwives only stronger and more enduring. To protect women in labor from possible problems, girls try to use all their skills and prevent the birth of unwanted children. One of the episodes, where there is a scene about illegal abortion, caused a lot of controversy in the British public, but eventually the conflict was resolved.

In season 9, the stories from the lives of nurses from the Nonnatus House will continue. Now the story will be closely intertwined with the life of one of the heroines, but who exactly will become it – time will tell.

Actors and their roles

  • Jenny Lee – a nurse from the House of Nanatos, in which she has been working since 1957, she sees with her own eyes all the horrors of having children, but does not refuse to help women in childbirth, Jenny is kind, naive, but over time acquires all the more rigid features that turn her from a girl into a life-weary woman – Jessica Raine.
  • Evangelina – a nun, she has an endless flow of energy and impertinence for her profession, she effectively solves the problems that poor people bring to their House – Pam Ferris.
  • Julienne – the main nun of the Nonnatus House, is the most experienced Sister – Jenny Agutter.
  • Trixie – her real name is Beatrix Franklin, but almost no one calls her that way, she is a bright, personable, cheerful girl, working as a midwife with Jenny – Helen George.
  • Bernadette – from the beginning of the series was the nun-sister of the Nonnatus House, but soon chose to return to everyday life and marry Dr. Turner, after which Shelagh Turner became a girl, educated and intelligent beyond her years – Laura Main.
  • Cynthia Miller – became a midwife in the house of Nanatos, and later became a monk, very worried about her charges, takes care of them, sparing no effort – Bryony Hannah.
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Interesting Facts

  1. First, the basis for the series took real memories of one of the midwives, which was able to describe in detail in their books, the popular writer Jennifer Worth. But when the material for the shooting ended, the scriptwriters drew stories from the lives of real nuns, which are described in some historical reference books.
  2. Jessica Raine declares that the role of Jenny is her best game ever. Such a gamut of feelings, desire to help and hatred for those who refuse elemental help drive her heroine crazy. Jessica believes that she was lucky to take the place of the main character. For Raine, this is the longest-running project in her entire acting career.
  3. The highest ratings of the show are brought by British viewers, which number more than 10 million each season. Season 9 is already on the way, and there is no question of closing a picture, since each episode, together with additional episodes, diverges like hotcakes.
  4. Bryony Hannah did not immediately agree to the role of Cynthia. At first, the actress felt that her character was so boring that it would not be possible to play it and at the same time be remembered by the audience. But inspired by her role, Jessica Raine was able to convince Hannah that she had given a positive response to her participation in the film.
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Call the Midwife Season 9: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
9x01Series 1January 5, 2020
9x02Series 2January 12, 2020
9x03Series 3January 19, 2020
9x04Series 4January 26, 2020
9x05Series 5February 2, 2020
9x06Series 6February 9, 2020
9x07Series 7February 16, 2020
9x08Series 8February 23, 2020

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