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After the mysterious suicide committed by the chief of the Shawshank, Castle Rock gradually begins to experience horror. It all started with finding a young man who spent many years in a separate wing of the prison, while no one knew about his existence – only the head of the Shoushenka himself. The guy says nothing but the name of the former resident of the town – Henry Deaver.

When will the new episode of “Castle Rock Season 3” be released?

The continuation of the mystical TV show “Castle Rock” is not worth waiting for. Unfortunately, in November 2020, Hulu’s management officially announced the closure of the project. The main reason for this is the coronavirus pandemic. It was decided not to resume the production process after the introduction of restrictions throughout the country.

The series is based on the novels of Stephen King. However, a separate book was not taken, only some of the characters found in the novels “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption”, “Night Shift”, “Dolores Claiborne”, “It“, “Needful Things” and “The Mangler”.


After another unsuccessful attempt to save a woman from the death penalty, Henry Deaver receives an anonymous call from the Shawshank prison. An unknown person asks him to come to Castle Rock and get down to business with a guy who was found in a closed wing after the death of the head of the prison. Without thinking twice, Henry arrives, because in this city he once grew up and lived with his parents.

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As a little boy, Henry accidentally lost his way in the woods and wandered at freezing temperatures for 11 days. During this time, his adoptive father was found dead, and a couple of days later the local sheriff stumbled upon Henry, who was standing in the middle of a frozen lake. Mother was heartbroken, but did not blame the child.

Each resident of Castle Rock was convinced that the death of the pastor, and part-time father of Henry, was committed by his adoptive son. Years later, Henry left the city, but forever remained in the memory of the townspeople as a murderer. By the will of fate, he began to protect people who fell under the death penalty. Knowing his reputation, Shawshank employee Dennis decided to anonymously call Henry. Dennis’s request is to protect the young man he found.

Castle Rock 3
Frame from the series

Henry agrees, but the new head of the prison does not want this case to go public. The young man is hidden for some time, but soon it turns out to be impossible. First, Dennis begins to see something that is actually not there, then a man dies from cancer and is sitting next to a young man on a cell. According to the doctor, the deceased should have died a very long time ago.

At this time, Henry makes any attempt to meet with the guy. He even decides to illegally enter the Shawshank territory, just to see his future client. As a result, the situation becomes disadvantageous for everyone, especially for the residents of the town. But the process is irreversible and only Henry can guess why the former head of the prison hid the guy from others for years…

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Actors and their roles

  • Henry Deaver – a former resident of Castle Rock; he disappeared and went around for 11 days in frosty weather, after which he was found by the local sheriff, who after many years began to date with Henry’s mother; protects prisoners from execution, believes that everyone deserves the right to live; wants to protect the interests of the unknown, but cannot get close to him – Andre Holland.
  • Molly – childhood friend of Henry, lived across from his house; able to penetrate into the consciousness of others, reading thoughts and feelings; she tries not to leave the house; suffers from a mental disorder; cannot be in society for a long time; communicates only with her sister; Molly was one of the first to know about Henry’s arrival – Melanie Lynskey.
  • The Kid – a young man who was hidden from the rest of the world for 27 years; he was found by the head of the prison, who later committed suicide; doesn’t say a word other than the name “Henry” – Bill Skarsgard.

Interesting Facts

  1. For the sake of the role of the mysterious guy, Bill Skarsgard had to work hard – in one month the actor lost 12 kg. This weight loss was not easy for Bill, as a result of which the actor’s pallor and fatigue in the frame are genuine. Make-up was used to a minimum. Some viewers remember Bill from the films “It“, where he played the clown Pennywise.
  2. Scriptwriters had to study judicial practice in order to make the series closer to reality. The attitude of the Americans towards the death penalty is also real, since many people for decades have struggled to ensure that it does not exist.
  3. Andre Holland said that throughout his life he had not heard as many references to his skin color as he had heard from the other actors in the season 1 of the series. In almost every series, his character is shown involvement in blacks, while not at all embarrassed to hurt Henry’s feelings.
  4. A real prison abandoned more than 30 years ago was used as a location for filming. Such a decision cost the creators a good amount, but the realism that they were chasing from the very beginning was preserved. It took more than a month to put the place in order.
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Castle Rock Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1the project is closed
3x02Series 2the project is closed
3x03Series 3the project is closed
3x04Series 4the project is closed
3x05Series 5the project is closed
3x06Series 6the project is closed
3x07Series 7the project is closed
3x08Series 8the project is closed
3x09Series 9the project is closed
3x10Series 10the project is closed

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