Rick and Morty season 4

Many of us liked this animated series, the last series of which threw spectators into an incomprehensible shock. Most expect the continuation, but already do not hope for it. Release date tv series Rick and...

The Nut Job 3 release date

The Nut Job 3 is the third part of the animated film "The Nut Job" from the studio "Gulfstream Pictures", filmed by director Kellan Bruckner. Release date tv cartoons The Nut Job 3 scheduled, premiere...

South Park Season 23

The American animated series, deriding the ideals of modern society won the hearts of viewers back in the nineties. Four friends are constantly involved in various troubles. Conflicts between them are inevitable, because their...

Marvel Future Avengers season 2

Continuation of the cartoon based on the popular comics about superheroes, created by director Yuzo Sato and the company Mad House. Release date tv series Marvel Future Avengers season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new...

BoJack Horseman season 5

Anthropomorphic Los Angeles. People and animals are in the same rights. A person and any animal can become partners in business and even lovers. One of the main characters is the BoJack Horseman. Previously,...

Adventure Time season 10

The animated series was created by the director Leichtelit in 2010. At the moment, he received many awards such as Prime Time, Emmy Award, Annie Award and was nominated for a film that he...

Star Wars: Rebels Season 5

In the heyday of the Galactic Empire, troops and inquisitors are looking for the remaining Jedi and insurgents living on the Outer Ring of the cell. They are ready to destroy brawlers for the...

Archer Season 10

Sterling Archer is not the best specialist in his field. But fate was supportive of the man and now he works for a special intelligence service, which is headed by his mother. When will the...

Trollhunters season 3

On one of the usual days overshadowed by the trip to the school, Jim accidentally finds an amulet that has magic, which the gives magical powers and gives him the opportunity to visit the...

Adventure Time Season 11

The earth survived a nuclear war, which was later decided to be called a mushroom war. Magic has returned to the bowels of the Earth, and some of the people even managed to mutate,...

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