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The history of the Russian Empire is teeming with unfit rulers, palace coups, but few in it who truly cared about their people. Arriving from abroad to successfully marry, Sophia knew all the bitterness of her defeat. After naming Catherine II, the girl decides to start her own power struggle and eventually outperforms her competitors.

When will “Catherine the Great Season 2” be released?

The continuation of the historical drama “Catherine the Great” is not planned, since the series was originally conceived as a one-season project.

The creator of the picture, Nigel Williams, immediately said that at the end of the season 1 the final part concerning the life of the great woman who entered modern history as the “Great” will be told.


After marrying Peter III, Catherine knew all the “charms” of an unhappy marriage. Her husband was, to put it mildly, not up to her, since the interests of the spouses did not coincide at all. Having accumulated plenty, Catherine decides to start her own struggle for the throne. Given the unpopularity of Peter, she manages to gain the favor of influential people and get power, to take possession of the whole country.

The main role in the possession of the throne played a palace coup, which made Catherine II a full empress. State administration was reformed, the costs of palace servants and the Queen herself were abolished to a minimum. Even to advance in her possessions, Catherine did not use the wealth of her own people — others need this money more than she does.

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Jason Clarke and Helen Mirren in “Catherine the Great”

One of her favorites was Grigory Potemkin, who is the main character of the series. He helped her in 1762 to arrange a palace coup to come to power. Highly appreciating the quality of Gregory, Catherine allowed him to participate in military affairs, and sometimes in government. Being intelligent people, they proudly try to step over envious people, but their number is inexorably growing.

They were together for 13 years, but then decided to leave, although they kept their friendship. Even after many years, Catherine could write a letter to Grigory in which she consulted. Potemkin’s departure from the capital could not destroy their connections, even if they were spiritual. However, business correspondence always lasted between them.

The expansion of the territory, the entry into the number of European powers, the literary preferences of the Queen, her friendship with French art critics, the death of a child from Grigory Potemkin and the life of her children from past men – told us all about the 1st season of the series. It is unlikely that the series will continue, because the story of the great ruler of the Russian Empire was over.

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Actors and their roles

  • Catherine the Great – rules of the Russian Empire after the palace coup, in which her lover Potemkin helped her to collect her thoughts; she was fond of art criticism, had an idea of ​​artistic masterpieces, expanded the territory of Russia, helped the peasants to contain colossal pressure from the nobility – Helen Mirren.
  • Grigory Potemkin – became the favorite of Catherine II after her last boyfriend went crazy after coming back from the war, Gregory is intelligent, handsome, able to stand in power, so the empress gave him the authority to help her in matters relating to the army and the state – Jason Clarke.
  • Prince Paul – the son of Catherine and her husband Peter III – Joseph Quinn.

Interesting Facts

  1. Actress Helen Mirren is not in vain invited to this role. She has already shown her talent by playing Elizabeth I, Elizabeth II, Queen Charlotte in various projects. These roles helped make a choice in her favor. Helen – the only actress who did not need to come to the casting – the director found it necessary to simply invite her to the project, to which Helen responded immediately.
  2. The director was appointed Philip Martin, who worked on the pictures “The Crown” about Queen Elizabeth and “Poirot”. Nigel Williams is the show runner of the project and manages the casting. Only Mirren was invited at the request of Martin, impressed with his work in past historical films.
  3. The shooting process took place in Russia, St. Petersburg. In this city, luxurious palaces, in which queens, kings, courtiers used to live, have been built for a long time, and are currently shooting breathtakingly serials with a historical slant. Tsarskoye Selo was not spared either, like Peterhof, the Winter Canal embankment.
  4. Helen Mirren currently has British citizenship, and even the fact of her birth is captured in Britain. But before filming in “Catherine the Great”, almost no one knew that her father was Russian, and her real name was Elena Lydia Mironova. Her father was Vasily Petrovich Mironov, who died in 1980. Grandfather left Russia a long time ago, taking his son with him, and got a job at the London Government Committee.
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Catherine the Great Season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not planned
2x02Series 2not planned
2x03Series 3not planned
2x04Series 4not planned
2x05Series 5not planned
2x06Series 6not planned
2x07Series 7not planned
2x08Series 8not planned
2x09Series 9not planned
2x10Series 10not planned

Catherine The Great: Coming This Autumn

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