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Owen was so excited about the prospect of living in a beautiful home that when the opportunity arose, he immediately took it! And who doesn’t want to live in the most picturesque place in New York — Central Park! Not to say that the rest of the family was delighted, but they do not have to choose — Owen is ready to sacrifice everything so that his family stays here forever!..

“Central Park ss 4”: release date, announcement

A sequel to American musical adult animated sitcom “Central Park” has not been officially confirmed. And with previous seasons, viewers waited an extremely long time for information from reliable sources about the premiere.
As of September 2023, there is no information about the season 4 of the animated series “Central Park”. There is no talk about the closure of the project either, so loyal fans should wait for official statements. We continue to monitor the news.


Owen lives in Central Park with his two children and his wife, Paige. His daughter Molly loves to draw comics, and her main character is a boy flying a kite near her house. The girl always has a notebook and a pencil in her hands — after all, she never knows where the muse will find her. So Molly entertains herself while her parents are at work.

Paige devotes her free and working time to collecting gossip, intrigues and other hard facts about someone else’s biography. And the thing is that Paige works as a journalist and scandals are an integral part of her earnings. Family members are well aware that her stories are not particularly appreciated, but Paige’s tenacity suggests that she still has a long way to go.

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Owen works as a park ranger and approaches the assigned tasks with all responsibility. One day, his son Cole found a dog that he wanted to keep. Temporarily placing the dog in the barn, he tried to look after him as much as possible. Later it turned out that the animal belonged to an old eccentric lady who announced a reward for the capture of a dog in the territory of Central Park.

Frame from the animated sitcom

The inhabitants roamed about all corners like crazy, and poor Owen did not find a place for himself, since the whole territory was filled with those who wanted to receive the promised reward. People rummaged through garbage cans, dug, trampled and spoiled the appearance of the territory entrusted to Owen in every possible way. But in the end, the truth came out. Cole had to give up the dog…

Thus began an irreconcilable feud between the Owen family and Bitsy Brandenham, an elderly lady with terrible manners. Over the course of three seasons, Bitsy yearns to destroy Central Park and manage the vast territory in a different way. Will she be successful in Season 4? Or will she remain the loser?

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Voice actors

  • Cole — a little animal lover, because of which he temporarily had to become a thief and hide a little dog; suffered greatly after the owner took the unfortunate animal and Cole decided to return his little friend in any way; loves spending time with his family watching his favorite TV series — Tituss Burgess.
  • Molly — loves to draw comics, comes up with interesting stories and gets approval from other people; secretly in love with a boy, but too shy to approach and speak to him first; prefers to spend time drawing, in the season 3 she receives approval from her parents to go on dates — Emmy Raver-Lampman.
  • Paige — considers it important to put the family first, therefore she always sacrifices work and cannot achieve success in it; loves journalism and hopes to someday get a job in a decent newspaper; often repeats that her family is ideal and achieves the same from her household — Kathryn Hahn.
  • Owen — the head of the family; so in love with a particular variety of flowers that once a year he arranges a holiday in their honor; is a support for his family, supports his wife, helps children to get used to society; likes to spend time in front of the TV — Leslie Odom Jr.
  • Bitsy Brandenham — a vile old woman with a bad temper; travels everywhere with assistant Helen and despises her for her origins; for a long time she was the owner of a dog who once preferred Cole to her; constantly looking for ways to privatize Central Park for her own needs — Stanley Tucci.
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Interesting Facts

  1. For the company Apple TV+ adult animated sitcom “Central Park” is the first musical project, moreover, successfully renewed for the new season.
  2. In the search for a voice actor for the role of Bitsy, several people were selected. But remembering Stanley Tucci, who worked on the voice acting of the cartoon “What If…?” and the film “Show Dogs”, the producers decided to send him an invitation to the casting. Stanley did not immediately realize that his hero was an evil rich lady. But when they explained to him who Bitsy was, he gladly agreed. Voiceover of a female character for Tucci was the debut in his career.
  3. The world premiere of the animated series took place on May 29, 2020 and the picture immediately became popular around the world. At the moment, the animated series has been translated into more than 30 languages, and is broadcast on several TV channels.

Central Park Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1no information
4x02Series 2no information
4x03Series 3no information
4x04Series 4no information
4x05Series 5no information
4x06Series 6no information
4x07Series 7no information
4x08Series 8no information
4x09Series 9no information
4x10Series 10no information

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