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Spending time with her boyfriend, Sasha Yazzie felt bad and almost immediately fell into a coma. Having taken the girl to the hospital, the doctors discovered a cardiac arrest. But instantly having reacted and transplanted Sasha’s body to another, killed person, they were able to save her life. That’s just the girl is not too happy that now she sees memories that do not belong to her at all.

When will the TV series “Chambers Season 2” be released?

Continuation of the thriller “Chambers” will be available for viewing in April 2020. The Netflix TV channel seemed to be waiting for spring 2019 to launch several stunning projects, including the series “Chambers”.

p.s. Unfortunately, after some time, Netflix management officially announced the closure of the series.


After Sasha got the heart of another girl, life became different. Sasha’s memories and feelings have been preserved, but sometimes a girl begins to notice things that are scary to tell others. But at first she was not ready to complain about the fate and disturb the parent. Her guardian, Frank, was incredibly glad that his daughter was still alive, and even went to the parents of the deceased girl with Sasha.

Frank decided that he needed to express his condolences to Ben and Nancy Lefevre, who lost their daughter Becky, and also to thank them for saving his child. Sasha almost immediately noticed that the girl’s parents are very strange people. Immediately after the trip to the parents of the deceased, Sasha felt very strange – things began to seem to her that she did not know about in real life.

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Frame from the series

The more time passed, the more Sasha panicked. The hallucinations were becoming more real, and the girl’s fear was growing by the minute. All this led to the fact that physical signs began to manifest themselves, which the doctors associated with the fact that the heart is adapting to a new organism. But only Sasha knew that it was not so, and the strange parents of the deceased were involved in the matter.

The situation is heating up, and in the meantime, Ben and Nancy conduct strange secret rites at home. Sasha begins to clearly see Becky, as well as some things that happened to the deceased. Sasha remains one thing – to learn about the origin of the heart and find out what happened to Becky in fact. In addition to strange visions, Sasha gradually adopts qualities that are not inherent in her.

One day, while cutting food in the kitchen, the girl sees the mouse and without hesitation cuts off the tail of the little animal – this was the last straw, after which Sasha began to seek help from others…

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Actors and their roles

  • Sasha Yazzie – a girl rescued as a result of a heart transplant, which according to doctors belonged to Becky Lefevre, is kind, sympathetic, but over time begins to adopt the character traits of her donor, Sasha has a boyfriend and a huge chest scar left after the surgery – Sivan Alyra Rose.
  • Frank – Sasha’s father, was very worried about her condition and even went to thank the Lefevre family for the service, is experiencing hard times with Sasha, but is optimistic about the future, considering that a heart transplant is the best thing that happened to her daughter – Marcus LaVoi.
  • Ben – Becky’s father – Tony Goldwyn.
  • Nancy – the grieving mother of the deceased Becky, together with her husband performs the mysterious rites – Uma Thurman.

Interesting Facts

  1. One of the advantages of the project was the participation of Uma Thurman in it, because many viewers decided to watch only thanks to their favorite actress. Such a move really brought success to the 1st season, and Thurman once again proved that he is a true professional acting craft. The role of the mother, distraught with grief, was not easy for Ume, but how realistic!
  2. Sivan Alyra Rose was previously friends with a girl suffering from heart disease. Unfortunately, a girlfriend died a few years ago, because she was not transplanted on time. Against the background of these events, the girl decided to go to the casting of the series “Chambers” in order to get the main role and play it in memory of her deceased friend.
  3. Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, known for the horror-series “American Horror Story” took part in the mystical series “Chambers”. The company was composed of Sydney Freeland, Gita Patel and Dana Gonzales, who has a long list of works, and the audience knows him for creating the TV series “Shot Caller”, “Pretty Little Liars”, “Fargo” and other exciting works.
  4. Most of the project participants believe in paranormal phenomena, including the brutal Marcus LaVoi. The actor sometimes does not participate in serials, because he sees bad signs for himself. In fact, most of the actors have such “habits”, but it is LaVoi who takes this seriously, and can even throw salt over his shoulder or look in the mirror if he forgets something indoors and comes back again.
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Chambers Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1will not take place
2x02Series 2will not take place
2x03Series 3will not take place
2x04Series 4will not take place
2x05Series 5will not take place
2x06Series 6will not take place
2x07Series 7will not take place
2x08Series 8will not take place
2x09Series 9will not take place
2x10Series 10will not take place

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