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Eldon Chance is a good forensic neurologist. In his native San Francisco, the man managed to make a good career. But each time facing a difficult situation, he realizes that he himself is in danger.

When will the series “Chance Season 3” come out?

The continuation of the criminal drama “Chance” will not take place. January 9, 2018 on the official website there was information that the series is closed due to low ratings. The popularity that brought Hugh Laurie a role in the medical telecast “House” and remained within the same series.


Eldon ideally finds a common language with mentally unbalanced people, which allows him to help the police uncover the most brutal and dangerous crimes. Jacqueline Blaestown was previously often abused by her husband Raymond, and now she has to go to Eldon to cope with her nervous breakdowns.

The tyrant husband still pursues his wife, not giving her the opportunity to go from torture. For a long time, Chance maintains that her husband is a criminal and one of the murders is the work of Raymond. But then it turns out that a man has been working in the police for a long time and can not be involved in this case.

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Every working day brings Eldon new difficulties, but it is much easier to cope with them than to remember home problems. At home, a man for a long time no one waits, the wife filed for divorce, which turned out to be a big blow for Chance. In addition, the young daughter does not want to go with the father to contact.

No matter how hard Eldon tried to establish relations with her, the girl always shows her teeth. Drowning in a series of failures, the neurologist continues his work, but the burden of responsibility becomes more and more unbearable every day. What irony – a person who is able to help others in solving psychoemotional problems can not help themselves. How to fix the current situation? Who will help Chance to understand his own thoughts?

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Shot from the series

Actors and their roles

  • Eldon Chance – works in the direction of judicial neurology, painfully going through a divorce with his wife, is in a complicated relationship with his own daughter, becomes an involuntary self-deceased of his life, is on the brink of depression – Hugh Laurie.
  • Jacqueline Blaestown – a victim of the tyranny of her husband, whom he pursues so far, suffers from nervous disorders. because of what got into the Chance – Gratchen Mol.
  • Raymond Blaestown – a real tyrant, the husband of Jacqueline, who can not leave the woman alone, suspected of murder – Paul Adelstein.

Interesting Facts

  1. Based on the fame of Hugh Laurie as Dr. House, the creators decided to take on the role of the Chance of this actor, thereby collecting near the TV screens the same audience that once allowed the series “House” to maintain good ratings for many seasons. But the plan did not succeed, and the viewers got used to the same type of actor.
  2. The show was broadcast on “Hulu” since October 2016. At first the ratings were extremely high, but over time the situation changed, which led to the closure of the series after the second season.
  3. Hugh Laurie is pleased with his work in this series. The man is sure that over time the audience will reconsider the telecard and will be able to appreciate all its charm.
  4. The filming process took place in San Francisco and its environs.
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Chance Season 3 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1closed
3x02Series 2closed
3x03Series 3closed
3x04Series 4closed
3x05Series 5closed
3x06Series 6closed
3x07Series 7closed
3x08Series 8closed
3x09Series 9closed
3x10Series 10closed

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