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All lovers of the Shojo-ai genre and anime in general have seen, or at least have heard of the new title “Citrus”. In January this year, released the first series so liked by all the anime. However, the manga was born in November 2012. In October 2017, the 8th chapter of the manga came out, so it will not be difficult to collect material for the next season of the anime.

When will the 2nd season of anime “Citrus” come out?

After looking at the first season, do you want to know if it’s the second? The date of the announcement of the picture can be found in the official twitter of this anime (@citrus_anime).
Most likely, there will be a sequel, since there will be enough material (in any case, another manga called “Citrus Plus” has been released since December 2018). If the sequel is released, then no earlier than the fall of 2021.


Yuzu Aihara – the main character of the picture, faced with a lot of problems, including the death of his father. Then her mother finds herself another man and plans to marry him. For Yuzu Aikhara, obviously, this will result in a move and change of school. Imagine her surprise when she found out that only girls are studying in this school.

This completely contradicted her plans, as the heroine was in active search for the second half, but in this place it is impossible. In addition, this school adhered to strict rules of conduct and appearance, and for a cheerful and sociable girl this is a real punishment. Most of all, she did not like the new half-sister – Mei Aihara, with whom she was forced to live in the same house, and also to share one bed for two.

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Soon, Yuzu realizes that she is attached to her sister and this attachment grows into something more. The heroine encounters some difficulties on the way to May’s heart, but all this contradicts her moral norms, since she wants to be, or at least seem to be a good elder sister to May.

What to expect from the anime “Citrus season 2”?

The first season ended with Yusu proposing May to enter into a relationship with her.
What can we expect from the second season? Those who have not read the manga will most likely be confused by various assumptions, but this only makes you want to see the continuation of this glorious picture more quickly. May agree or refuse May to enter into a relationship with her own sister, or they will have new difficulties, such as the next move or jealous envious girls from the school.

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The main characters of the anime “Citrus”:

  • Yuzu Aihara is a young, sociable girl who follows the fashion. Her father died when she was just a child, and over time she resigned herself to loss. After her mother married another man, the girl had to move into the house with her stepfather.
  • Mei Aihara – the sister of Yuzu, the granddaughter of the school’s director, presides the school council, very responsibly approaches his work. She enjoys sympathy from the students and recognition among teachers. It may seem that May is cold, insensitive, and indifferent to everything, but in reality May is very kind and sympathetic.
  • Harumi Taniguchi is a friend and classmate of Yuzu, the only bright character standing out against the background of all the other students.
  • Himeko Momokino – since childhood he has been friends with May. He is the vice-president of the council. She is hopelessly in love with her friend, which is why she gets into the sisters’ relationship, because she does not want to share her beloved with anyone.
  • Matsuri Mizusawa is a childhood friend of Yuzu. Matsuri feels warm feelings for Yusu, but does not show it and can not admit it. When she finds out that Yuzu is in love with Mei, she tries all the best to prevent their intimacy.

We look forward to the second season!

Citrus season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1fall of 2021
2x02Series 2fall of 2021
2x03Series 3fall of 2021
2x04Series 4fall of 2021
2x05Series 5fall of 2021
2x06Series 6fall of 2021
2x07Series 7fall of 2021
2x08Series 8fall of 2021
2x09Series 9fall of 2021
2x10Series 10fall of 2021

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