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Boston. 90s. Racism and unwillingness of whites to accept equality in relations with African Americans become a frequent pretext for crimes. The city is going through a violent wave of gang warfare and murders, while the corrupt FBI agent John Rohr is trying to confront the ambitious black DeCourcy Ward, whose first court case involves an informant of Rohr…

“City on a Hill ss 4”: release date, announcement

Continuation of the criminal history “City on a Hill” according to official data, we should not wait. The project closed after three seasons.

Showrunners Matt Damon and Ben Affleck made the right decision by deciding to visually show the life of one of the most criminal towns in the United States. The whole world watched the confrontation between two influential people. But every story has its own ending.


Having received a warrant to search the apartment, three cops break down the door. Realizing that they made a mistake with the apartment number, they begin to swear right in front of two dumbfounded young people. One of them shoots a cop in the leg and ends up in jail. The prosecutor in his case is DeCourcy Ward, who recently arrived from Brooklyn.

Once DeCourcy has received information on the case, he is introduced to pompous FBI veteran John “Jackie” Rohr. Immediately, their relationship turns negative as Rohr wishes for the defendant to be acquitted. As arguments, he directly tells Ward that the boy is his informant and will do more good being at large.

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Repeatedly Ward refuses Rohr. He is not afraid of threats or blackmail. DeCourcy wants to make the city cleaner not only for themselves, but also for those like him. The man hopes that someday blacks will be able to calmly walk the streets and stop looking back. Jackie, on the other hand, begins to contact the right people and seeks an acquittal for his ward.

Frame from the TV show

An enraged DeCourcy tries to find out how Rohr managed to outsmart him. At this time, a new unsolved case appears: a gang of criminals is robbing collectors. And if earlier the workers of the car were left alive, then this time 2 corpses are found along with the crumpled car. Learning about this case, Ward begins to look for answers.

He does not have to go far — Jackie has the necessary channels that can help Ward find the robbers. But how to approach it? After all, just recently DeCourcy refused him a big favor. The career ladder for Ward turns out to be so thorny that the line between good and evil is gradually blurred, leaving him no choice…

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Even when Rohr left the FBI and became head of security for an influential businessman, he was still connected by common affairs with Ward. Will they be able to get away from common affairs and when will Boston finally be free from crime? Enemies are becoming more and more violent, and law enforcement agencies have to go to extreme measures that do not distinguish them from street thugs…

Actors and their roles

  • John “Jackie” Rohr — famous in his hometown for the arrest, which he made many years ago; cheating on his wife; leads an intoxicated lifestyle; does not resist bribes and dirty tricks when the situation requires it; trying to avoid dangerous moments and not be caught by justice — Kevin Bacon.
  • DeCourcy Ward — came from Brooklyn to build a career, but in the first month of work was extremely disappointed with the work of the police and FBI agents; concludes a dubious deal with the enemy in order to find the killers of the collectors; married to an influential African-American woman, but does not want to use her connections — Aldis Hodge.
  • Jennifer “Jenny” Rohr — Jackie’s wife; calm, domestic woman; bickers with her husband, but sees him as a good person; trustfully lets him go to night shifts, because she really believes that he goes to work, and not to his Asian mistress — Jill Hennessy.
  • Frankie — leads a gang to rob cash-in-transit vehicles; took up the job in order to save a little and pay off debts, but accomplices always wanted more and more profit; killed two collectors after they accidentally saw the face of the robber — Jonathan Tucker.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Since the season 1, Kevin Bacon has been the director and producer of the project, as well as Aldis Hodge.
  2. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are longtime friends who have proven their dedication time and time again. Realizing that over the years of work in the film industry they have gained a lot of experience, the guys organized their own studio “Pearl Street Films”, which has existed since 2001. At first, Affleck and Damon took on separate projects, but the TV show “City on a Hill” became their fully joint successful project.
  3. Matt Damon is from Boston. He owns the idea of ​​​​creating a picture.
  4. During the filming of season 3, Ben Affleck reconciled with his longtime lover Jennifer Lopez, whom he dated over 10 years ago. This fact could not but please the multi-million fans of Ben and Jennifer.

City on a Hill Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1project closed
4x02Series 2project closed
4x03Series 3project closed
4x04Series 4project closed
4x05Series 5project closed
4x06Series 6project closed
4x07Series 7project closed
4x08Series 8project closed

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