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Producing tandem two Hollywood celebrities in the face of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, presented the world with a chic thriller filled with the suffering and emotions of American residents of the late 20th century. The basis of the plot was the prosecutor’s confrontation with the injustice that destroys Boston.

When will the series “City on a Hill season 2” come out?

The sequel to the TV show “City on a Hill” is set to premiere on March 28, 2021. It’s no secret that season 2 was originally supposed to hit screens in 2020, but the coronavirus froze almost the entire film industry, shifting the premieres indefinitely.
Spectators are already waiting for the new episodes of the show and make bets for the season 3. Given the ratings of the TV series, we can not doubt that the show will hold on for a long time in the rating of popular projects.


Boston in 1990. Violent robbers and murderers flooded the city. Each of them walks free, as the power of the city is in the hands of police bribe-takers. Civilians can not cope on their own with the weight of problems, children are afraid to let out of the house, because it is not known whether the child will be able to come from school alive.

To stop crime, from Brooklyn send the prosecutor – African-American Decorsi Ward, who is ready to challenge the illegal actions of bandits. A man is horrified by the situation and he is ready to give all his strength to stop crime. Ward is compelled to join forces with a corrupt veteran of the FBI, Jackie Rhodes, who is considered a respected person within the city. The union of two men should bring to the trail the gangs of criminals who attack the collectors. Ward throws all his strength to catch them and knows that only Rhodes can help him.

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Main characters

The first season shows how the city’s police system is changing when things are going on in Decorsi. The level of crime is falling, because now no one can hide the atrocities and each of the bandits will certainly go to jail. But not every villain is afraid of the prosecutor, and some are even ready to avenge themselves and their loved ones. Thus new enemies appear, but few can equally resist the minister of the law.

Actors and their roles

  • Decorsi Ward – Eldis Hodge. African-American actor, a native of Onslow, located in North Carolina. He got world fame after filming in the series “Impact”. At the moment, the filmography of the actor numbers dozens of films and serials of a different genre.
  • Jackie Rhodes – Kevin Bacon. Director, producer and actor. He has many awards for participation in full-length films. He played himself in the movie “Bored.” When the “Lemon Sky” was shot in 1988, he met his future wife. The film savagery gave Kevin an opportunity to try himself as an actor and producer at the same time.

Interesting Facts

  1. The scenario for the pilot series was written by Chuck McLean. Showtime television channel immediately set the condition – if the series is accepted by the audience, the channel will make a contract to continue broadcasting the entire season.
  2. The executive producers of the series were Jennifer Todd, whose work includes “Jason Bourne” and “Law of the Night.” The second producer was James Mangold. His famous works are “Train to Hume” and “Logan. Wolverine”.
  3. Production of the series was taken over by Pearl Street Films.
  4. The series “City on a Hill” is not the first work on which Damon and Affleck are working. Previously, they were engaged in two films: “Green Light”, “Third Extra”, etc. Soon on the screen will be released one more series “Witness of the prosecution”. Men have been friends since 1988, when each of them received a reward for acting skills.

    City on a Hill season 2: release date

    NumberSeries titleRelease date
    2x01Series 1March 28, 2021
    2x02Series 2April 4, 2021
    2x03Series 3April 11, 2021
    2x04Series 4April 18, 2021
    2x05Series 5April 25, 2021
    2x06Series 6May 2, 2021
    2x07Series 7May 9, 2021
    2x08Series 8May 16, 2021
    2x09Series 9May 23, 2021
    2x10Series 10May 30, 2021

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  1. Carol Adams

    Can’t get enough of this show. Kevin Bacon is a well seasoned actor and have been a devoted watcher since since Foot Loose. I love to watch him go against the bad guys and the good guys’d who don’t believe in his u orthodox ways of crime fighting.
    I look forward to many seasons of City on the Hill. Just wish his wife was more on his side as a devote catholic wife being lead blindly he needs some on his side who believes in him besides Jimmy the Rat thug. Someone good and wholesome.

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