Clione no Akari season 2

A new season of anime shows about the adventures created by director Ishikawa Naoy based on the popular Japanese manga.

Release date anime series Clione no Akari season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – June, 2020.


When we recall the Asian schools, then immediately comes to mind the acute problem of bullying the weaker disciples.

And the scale of this problem is huge: from constant podkalyvany to real persecution. This anime will tell us about one of these cases. Minori Amamia is often sick.

Sometimes even the whole day does not get out of the clinic. She is very kind and sensitive, but it was her guys who chose the object for their bullying. Eternal ridicule, spreading rumors, avoidance and open mockery – this is only part of the difficult life of Minori.

Clione no Akari season 2
Promo: Clione no Akari season 2

Takashi Aoi and Kyoko Tsukihashi are childhood friends and classmates of Minori. They are very sorry for this girl, in their thoughts they always represent how they stand up for her. But this remains only in the imagination. In reality, they do not do anything.

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The guys are very worried about Minori and hate themselves for cowardice. Soon Minori’s health deteriorated, and she stopped going to school. After 2 months and 1 day for Takashi and Kyoko, a letter arrives without a return address, and the letter contains an invitation to a summer festival in a neighboring city.

Clione no Akari season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1June 2020
2x02Series 2June 2020
2x03Series 3June 2020
2x04Series 4June 2020
2x05Series 5June 2020
2x06Series 6June 2020
2x07Series 7June 2020
2x08Series 8June 2020
2x09Series 9June 2020
2x10Series 10June 2020

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