Comrade Detective season 2


Josef Bachu, along with partner Gregor Angel work in the police station. Earlier, men closely communicated with their friend and former partner Nikita Ionescu, but unknown bandits deprived Nikita of life. Now the comrades are looking for retribution and are ready for any tricks that will help in catching the criminal.

When will the series “Comrade Detective season 2” be released?

The release date of the series “Comrade Detective season 2” is scheduled for mid-2019. The plot of the series will be more to the liking of fans of intricate political conspiracies, in which it is required to apply logic to solve a crime. In other words – the series is designed for an “intelligent” audience.


Romania of the eighties. End of the Cold War. American rules of life are to the liking of the inhabitants of Bucharest, and at the same time, the black market is thriving. Gregor, whose past is covered in secrets, and his partner Nikita, tried to stop the drug dealers.

As a result, Ionescu was killed by an unknown man wearing the mask of President Ronald Reagan. Now Gregor has a new partner – Josef, who recently came from the village. Jokingly, Angel calls his colleague a “lover of sheep.”

The main issue that worries newly-made partners – who could cross the road Ionescu. Men are sure that it is the answer to this question that can bring them to the trail of the criminal.

Shot from the series

The only evidence that can help in capturing the killer is a tag from jeans, on which the name of the American firm is written. Thanks to this clue, the partners are sure that the search should begin with the embassy.

But everything was not so simple – men accidentally learn about the commission of an anti-government plot. How to be further and whether it is necessary to search for the truth from officials? Are the main characters able to resist the authorities? We learn the answers in the second season.

Actors and their roles

  • Gregor Angel – Florin Piersik Jr. Romanian actor, starring in the films “The Pascal Library”, “The Journey of the Gruber”, “Against the Time 2”.
    He voiced the character of Chening Tatum. Actor, screenwriter, producer. Previously, he danced break dance, which often helped him to achieve the main roles in dance films. So he received the main role in the youth film “Step Forward”, after which the acting activities of Chening went up the hill. Over the years he recovered greatly, but did not lose his artistry.
  • Josef Bachu – Corneliu Ulich. Romanian actor, lit up in such films as “The Curse. Our days “,” The Chronicles of Love “.
    Sounded the character Joseph Gordon-Levitt. “The Loop of Time”, “Cheating”, “10 reasons for my hatred,” “The Dark Knight. Revival of the legend “,” Beginning “,” Walk “- every film with his participation becomes a cult. The guy obviously has a talent for choosing those films that are popular.
  • Jane – Olivia Nita. Romanian actress, known for the films “The Dark Prince” and “Zero’s Theorem.”
    Sounded the character Jenny Slate. The girl has Russian roots, but currently lives in the US. He is engaged in producing, acting and voice acting. Her latest works were “Means War” and “Gifted.” I was engaged in scoring the animated cartoon “Zveropolis”.

Interesting Facts

  1. It is rumored that the plot was ready for the series 30 years ago, but, given the political situation on the territory of the Republic of Romania, the government refused to broadcast the film.
  2. The series can be seen on the site “Amazon Video”, there is also posted the previous season.
  3. In addition to voicing the main character, Chening Tatum acted as a film producer.

Comrade Detective season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1mid-2019
2x02Series 2mid-2019
2x03Series 3mid-2019
2x04Series 4mid-2019
2x05Series 5mid-2019
2x06Series 6mid-2019
2x07Series 7mid-2019
2x08Series 8mid-2019
2x09Series 9mid-2019
2x10Series 10mid-2019
2x11Series 11mid-2019
2x12Series 12mid-2019
2x13Series 13mid-2019

Channing Tatum. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Amazon Series

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