Condor Season 2


After leaving the workplace to break for lunch, Joe Turner heads to the usual cafe. Upon returning to the service, he discovers six dead colleagues. In a panic, he calls the CIA officers and does not realize that it is here that a trap awaits him.

When will the series “Condor Season 2” come out?

Filming “Condor Season 2” of the plan should end August 29, 2019. So the premiere will be released in the late autumn of 2019.

The picture is in great demand among the audience, so in the coming years, we should expect new adventures of a civilian analyst from the CIA.


Not so long ago Turner worked for the good of his country in the 17th department of the ninth branch of intelligence analysts. On duty, the guy has to hide the occupation and not spread about the work. The department in which Joe worked was in New York, and outwardly was disguised as a society of American historical literature.

They were not sent to field assignments, because the work of analysts is to collect reliable information. In one of the usual working days, Joe decided to take advantage of the back door and go to a well-deserved dinner. Arriving at the service, he found six corpses and realized that the department was attacked.

Calling the CIA line and introducing himself as the codename Condor, he reports the incident and asks for help. The guy is scheduled to meet, but in the process he realizes that if he comes there, he will be trapped. Now he is hiding from everyone, because he has no idea who decided to remove from the road the whole analytical department.

Talk about the work guy does not have the right and now must independently solve the problems. Soon, with the help of intelligence agents, he finds out that he was an unnecessary link in someone else’s game, whose stakes are millions of lives.

During the first season, he tries to get close to people, but it does not bring anything, except new killings. Who does Turner hide from and who can be trusted afterwards? How to solve the problem, about which nothing is known?

Actors of the series

Actors and their roles

  • Joe Turner “Condor” – a secretive young man who accidentally survived after the attack on his colleagues, hides from an unknown danger, with no one can share the set woes – Max Irons.
  • Nathan Fowler is an antagonist who believes that Condor is interfering with the execution of his plans, has great power – Brandon Freyzi.
  • Bob Partage – William Hurt.

Interesting Facts

  1. The plot was built on the eponymous action movie, released in 1975. And the previous picture, in turn, borrowed a story from James Grady’s book Three Days of the Condor. Many years ago the picture was very popular, and the clips from the movie can be found on the Internet to this day.
  2. The director of the picture was Lawrence Trilling, who has been working in this field since 1994. In his filmography there are many serials of a similar genre.
  3. The picture received mixed reviews of critics. Many people note the length of the plot, but no one dares to speak out in the direction of the actors.
  4. Max Irons has long been a favorite of many viewers. Behind him is the series “The White Queen” and the movie “Woman in Gold”. Full name of the actor Maximilian Paul Diarmid Irons.
    It’s unaccustomed to see Fowler in a new image – in addition to the villain’s role, he also became 20 kilograms more.

Condor Season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1late autumn of 2019
2x02Series 2late autumn of 2019
2x03Series 3late autumn of 2019
2x04Series 4late autumn of 2019
2x05Series 5late autumn of 2019
2x06Series 6late autumn of 2019
2x07Series 7late autumn of 2019
2x08Series 8late autumn of 2019
2x09Series 9late autumn of 2019
2x10Series 10late autumn of 2019

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