Cool Kids Don’t Cry 2

The first part of the film was released in 2012. This is a family drama that won the hearts of viewers around the world.

Will “Cool Kids Don’t Cry 2”?

Fans of the movie expect the continuation of the story. The creators answer this question unambiguously: the story was completed and there is no sense in trying to retake it.

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For some reason this does not stop the fans, and they continue to persistently dissolve rumors that work is in progress to create the second part.

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Even if the creators wanted to withdraw the sequel, it would be a completely different story. But such a move does not make any sense.

Is it worth to look?

Cool Kids Don’t Cry

The main character is the sixth-grader Akki, who leads a pretty active life, does not always listen to her parents, sometimes gets into fights with the boys and is practically not afraid of anything. The girl’s life changes as soon as she is given a fatal diagnosis.

Critics have given mixed assessments of the picture. The first thing that catches your eye when you look at it is in places a very strained, almost fake, acting game.

At some moments, the main character becomes very sorry, and at times the viewer simply does not believe in the feelings that the actress is trying to convey. This greatly hinders the perception of history.

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Nevertheless, the picture clearly carries the main idea and makes the viewer think about quite important things.

As for the main character, then contrary to expectations, there will not be a story about a girl who simply fights or resigned herself to the disease. Here, the audience is shown a child who stays steady and is not even going to give up. To be discouraged and afraid is not for Akki. She is ready to accept any blows of fate and boldly look into the eyes of any, even the most terrible danger.

Interesting Facts

This film is recommended for viewing by those who faced an unpleasant life situation or a real disaster.

Cool Kids Don’t Cry

In particular, this applies to parents whose children are seriously ill. After watching the film, there is a persistent feeling of increased inner strength. After such a picture, it becomes much easier to experience trials and cope with life’s difficulties.

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This film is often compared with such a picture as “Bridge to Terabithia”. Indeed, there are some similarities here. However, “Cool Kids Don’t Cry” is something more inspiring.

The film reminds the viewer that everyone must struggle with difficulties to the last, that one should never give up, and also that one should never throw a loved one in trouble. The most important thing in our life is support, and this is what is being told about this picture.

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