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For 32 years Ben Clemens has been doing the job of a border police officer. He could recognize a criminal when any other person would have bypassed him. Extensive experience allowed the protagonist to unmistakably unravel the plans of the criminals, but once trouble knocked on his house. And now he is forever separated from service, friends and a quiet life…

“Coyote ss 2”: release date, announcement

It is known that the continuation of the show “Coyote” has not been officially confirmed. As of January 2022, there is still no information about the filming of new episodes.

The TV series turned out to be very colorful, and the non-standard character of the main character makes us think about how people live, whom we do not perceive as our own kind.


The border between Mexico and America was constantly patrolled by border guards. Ben got used to it for a long time and was calm about the next shift. He took a responsible approach to work and could bring out a criminal, even if he had long been considered a legal citizen of America and had never been caught in any fraud.

One man still haunted Ben – he had repeatedly caught this Mexican on crimes, but bribing officials each time set him free. Smiling frankly into the Clemens face, the Mexican constantly escaped justice, cultivating more and more anger in the policeman.

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Once a pregnant girl witnessed how Ben communicates with criminals. The girl was impressed. Understanding who they are, Clemens was not afraid of how this might end for him. Of those close to him, he had only a daughter, whom he saw very rarely, and an ex-wife. So the man had no reason to worry that the bandits would hurt his family.

Frame from the TV show

Once again leaving by car, he discovers a pregnant girl in it. She in broken English begs for help and says that the child may be taken away from her. It turns out that the girl was once noticed by one of the bandits, who forcibly forced into a relationship, and now wants her to give birth to his child, in order to then take away. A pregnant girl by all means wants to keep the child for herself and is afraid of the wrath of a domineering lover.

Upon learning that Ben is somehow connected with the pregnant woman, the bandits begin to threaten him, and then they even come to kill him. But Ben is already ready to fight the Mexicans. For him, this is only the beginning of a path that will allow him to be more kind to another culture and realize how hard it is for them to live in their native country. Plunging deeper into the life of his ward, he understands how difficult it is for her to cope.

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It took Ben over 6 episodes of season 1 to resolve the conflict. There were some losses, but now Clemens has a different perception of the world – he treats those whom he always avoided more humanely, he tries to delve into their life. But what awaits him next season?

Actors and their roles

  • Ben Clemens – a border guard who has worked regularly for over 30 years; tried not to get close to the Mexicans, whom he was ordered not to let across the border, but after being asked for help by a pregnant Mexican woman, he could not stay away; was married, has a daughter, but there is practically no relationship between them – Michael Chiklis.
  • Kate – Ben’s daughter; lives with her mother and stepfather; recently she got a heart-shaped tattoo on her arm, which surprised her father, and then when he saw a similar tattoo on his companion’s arm, it helped him make a choice – Amy Forsyth.

Interesting Facts

  1. The problem with the border, which is not allowed to cross the Mexicans, is currently acute in the United States. Many police officers were killed by Mexicans while patrolling the border. In the end, tougher measures were taken against the Mexicans. Now American police can shoot to kill.
  2. Michael Chiklis went hiking in the desert and went without food or water for a long time. When he had to show how bad his character was in the desert, he remembered his last hike, in which he spent 36 hours without water. The flask turned out to be full of holes, and he noticed it very late – it was at least a day’s journey to the nearest destination, where one could draw water.
  3. For the role of Kate, Amy Forsyth had to dye her hair. In real life, she is much older, but this did not bother anyone when Amy came to the casting. If we don’t know how old she really is, then she really can be mistaken for a high school student. Forsyth herself knows about her advantage, so she boldly went to the casting and brilliantly passed 2 rounds of auditions.
  4. They say that for the sake of a role in the TV series, Michael Chiklis lost 10 kilograms. In an interview, he said that this is required for the role, but did not say for which one. At the moment, he is involved in several TV projects, one of which also requires good physical fitness from Michael.
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Coyote Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced

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