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Rebecca Bunch grew up as a troubled child. As a teenager, a girl named Josh Chen threw a girl in a summer camp. This tragedy so stuck in her soul that she remembered his last words about his inadequacy for years, but continued to love. For 10 years Bunch successfully built her life, but one day she happened to meet the first love.

When will the series “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 5” come out?

The continuation of the musical comedy “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” will not take place, since it was announced before the release of season 4 that it would be the final one. The distraught Rebecca, embraced by the thought of revenge for her former lover, has been amusing the audience for several years, but we’ll have to say goodbye to her.


Bunch graduated from Yale and Harvard Universities, and is now a successful lawyer with a stable income. Her life has developed very successfully and she does not plan changes. Thinking in the alley about her unstable psyche, the girl saw Josh Chen and again began to behave in a strange way.

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The guy told about his imminent departure to California and offered to call him if their paths cross. Rebecca immediately collected things, quit her job, bought housing and moved her things to West Cowin – that’s where Josh went.

She begins to rebuild her career and settles in a law firm owned by Darryl Whitfeather. Here she learns that Josh has a girlfriend, and she alternately turns the romance with a bartender, who turned out to be familiar with Chen.

During the first two seasons, the audience watched the insane Rebecca, ready to go all the way for Josh. The third and fourth seasons tell of the terrible revenge that Bunch prepared for him. Amazing Rebecca will forever remain in the memory of the audience, as the most sweet and good-natured serial hysterical.

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Shot from the series

Actors and their roles

  • Rebecca Bunch is a professional lawyer and just a good person, he is in love with Josh, he is capable of giving up his beloved New York and a lawyer career for him, he has an irrepressible energy – Rachel Bloom.
  • Josh Chen – the guy who threw Rebecca in his youth – Vincent Rodriguez.
  • Greg Serrano, a barman from California, suffers from alcoholism, is in a strange relationship with Rebecca, is a close friend of Josh, eventually left for another city to build a career and get rid of his beloved Santino Fontana.

Interesting Facts

  1. The creator of the series was starring Rachel Bloom. Her acting has surpassed all expectations of critics, and the character she played, crashed into the memory of viewers. Despite the flattering reviews, the show collected a rather small audience.
  2. The pilot episode was filmed for the Showtime TV channel, but a year later the management decided to abandon the series, because during this time it was decided that the TV series “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” does not fit the genre. Then the channel The CW offered to broadcast the picture.
  3. Most of the audience was worried about leaving the picture Santino Fontana. The man liked the public so much that he was repeatedly planned to return, but each time the attempts remained vain.
    2016 was marked for Rachel Bloom by the Golden Globe Award, which she received for her role in the series.
  4. If you carefully follow the disclosure of the lines of characters, you can see that from season 3, many secondary heroes have received much more airtime.
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 5 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1closed
5x02Series 2closed
5x03Series 3closed
5x04Series 4closed
5x05Series 5closed
5x06Series 6closed
5x07Series 7closed
5x08Series 8closed
5x09Series 9closed
5x10Series 10closed

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