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Beth and Addy have been considered best friends for several years now. Girls have a lot of common interests, from high school subjects to cheerleading. Both of them are not averse to having fun with the boys, as well as drinking alcohol. Their friendship begins to crack at the seams when a new cheerleading coach arrives in the city.

When will the sequel to “Dare Me Season 2” come out?

The series shows a strong dramatic line that runs between adults and their children. The eternal conflict of fathers and children will be of interest not only to the younger generation, but also to older people.

The first season of the project showed very good ratings, which made fans think that the criminal series “Dare Me” would be continued. However, in April 2020, the project management officially announced its closure.


Beth has always been a ringleader. Neither parents nor teachers could pacify her, because she always did what she considered necessary. Addy could only go on about her friend, which is what she has been doing all these years. Of course, she had other hobbies, but indulging the whims of Beth never stood in her last place, because otherwise their friendship would simply not have taken place.

The last year of study for girls did not promise anything new. Only the idea that soon a new coach will be on the cheerleading team instilled in them the hope of breaking out of this small town. Especially Addy dreamed of these thoughts, whose high dreams were sometimes incomprehensible even to her own mother. Addy trained hard and devoted a lot of time to study.

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Beth did not like this situation, and she constantly dragged her friend into dubious adventures. The difficult relationship of her parents with each other was all the fault. Her father went into another family and at the same time tried to maintain normal relations with Beth, but she forever deleted him from her heart. He also had a daughter there. And she was on the cheerleader team, too.

Frame from the series

Soon, Beth had a new hate object, which became a trainer named Colette. But Addy, on the contrary, saw her chance to break out of her native small town and move to a metropolis. No matter how much Beth persuades her friend to fight with Collet, Addy stubbornly continued to stand on her side.

Colette arrived in the city with her husband, whose calm nature has always been for her the main advantage and at the same time a disaster. Everyone found him boring, sometimes Colette herself thought about it. The life of the schoolgirls and the new coach changes at the moment when Beth and Addy become witnesses of Colette’s sexual contact with one of the local residents.

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Beth is ready at all costs to convey to the husband of the coach information about the betrayal, but Addy considers this act, at least, wrong. So between the girls conflicts arise, which translate into something more. And now not only three are involved here, but also a few more people. How will girls solve their problems? Can Addy leave the city, and Colette hide from her husband the fact of betrayal?

Actors and their roles

  • Beth – a high school student; considers himself the main cheerleader; cynical, impudent, impulsive, capable of cruel acts in relation to others; easily related to sexual contacts; constantly jealous of her friend Addy – Marlo Kelly.
  • Addy – Beth’s best friend; engaged in cheerleading; often goes on about her friend, but dreams of leaving the city and hopes that the new coach can help her with this; insists that Beth does not say anything about the betrayal of Colette – Herizen Guardiola.
  • Colette – used to live in this town, but then left; the reason for her arrival is her husband, who was offered a good job here; got a trainer in high school; decided to take cheerleading to a new level – Willa Fitzgerald.
  • Will – the object desire of Collet; her former love, with whom she is now cheating on her husband – Zach Roerig.
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Interesting Facts

  1. In 2012, writer Megan Abbott wrote a book with the same title, and her first publication appeared on February 22, 2018. There are many discrepancies between the book and the series, but it is known that Megan does not bother.
  2. Zach Roerig was well remembered by the audience after the release of the series “The Vampire Diaries”, where the actor starred for 8 years. His role as a trained fighter and just a good guy was so remembered by the directors that he was invited to the series “Dare Me” for a similar role. Roerig gladly accepted the offer and again became the favorite of the audience.
  3. Herizen Guardiola and Marlo Kelly didn’t have a relationship not only with the characters, but also with the actresses. Sometimes it’s difficult for them to be together in the same room, they often begin to argue in the frame, and sometimes they cross the line and begin to curse in the middle of the filming process.

Dare Me Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1project is closed
2x02Series 2project is closed
2x03Series 3project is closed
2x04Series 4project is closed
2x05Series 5project is closed
2x06Series 6project is closed
2x07Series 7project is closed
2x08Series 8project is closed
2x09Series 9project is closed
2x10Series 10project is closed

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