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The story continues of four families who live a measured life in a small town in Germany. Almost at the same time two children disappear, which becomes a connecting thread between many people. Secrets of the past re-emerge and reveal the essence of all participants in this story. In the meantime, we only know part of this story…

When will the “Dark Season 3” series be released?

The continuation of the shocking multiseries thriller “Dark” is expected on June 27, 2020. No matter how hot season 3 turned out to be, the second one was able to beat their nerves to their fans.

The atmosphere is injected, the relationship between the characters are becoming increasingly unbearable, but together they have to go to the same goal.


Michael Kahnwald decides to say goodbye to life, having committed suicide. Ines decides to hide her son’s farewell letter, at least until better times. Just at that moment when it was necessary to open the letter, Jonas, the son of Michael, returns from the asylum. The guy returns to school and learns that now his girlfriend Martha Nielsen is dating her best friend, whose name is Bartosz.

Martha has brothers Magnus and Mikkel, as well as father Ulrich, who with might and main is investigating the loss of Erik Obendorf. This student was famous for his love of drugs and its sale. But just a couple of weeks ago, he stopped going to school and all the leads leading to him disappeared somewhere. As long as everyone wonders if the guy is alive, Erik really doesn’t know what to think.

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Frame from the series

Erik falls into an unfamiliar place. Here he is tied to a chair by a person whose face is not visible because of the hood. Around the head of Erik, the unknown snaps a mechanism that was previously unknown to mankind. It is unclear what to expect from this person and what will happen to Erik after the mechanism acts on his brain. It remains only to wait for the development of the plot, which promises to be hot.

Ulrich very hard tolerates the case of the disappearance of the child, because in his life there was a similar story. 33 years ago, Ulrich’s parents lost his younger brother. It would seem that the years go by, but the parents still do not lose hope of finding Mads. While Ulrich is looking for Erik, his three children with Bartosz and Jonas decide to visit the cache of a missing classmate, who is located near the cave.

From reliable sources, the guys know that illegal drugs are stored there. But it turned out that not only was it interesting for them to rummage in a strange cache. Their common classmate Franziska Doppler came to this place with the same goal. That’s just the sounds emanating from the cave, had an effect on the psyche of the guys threateningly – they ran away, but Mikkel did not have time to escape with the other guys…

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Actors and their roles

  • Jonas – a 15-year-old teenager who lost his father; he was treated in a psychiatric clinic, after which he began to attend school again; he is in love with Martha, he is friends with Bartosz even after the news that he is dating his ex-girlfriend – Louis Hofmann.
  • Ulrich Nielsen – a policeman, the father of Martha, Mikkel and Magnus; investigating the loss of Erik , which leads him to incredible discoveries; 33 years ago, he lost his younger brother, whom his parents still consider missing – Oliver Masucci.
  • Martha – the ex-girlfriend of Jonas, who found solace in the arms of his friend Bartosz; Martha is rude and harsh, constantly spending time with both guys, even going to the woods to search for drugs with them – Lisa Vicari.

Interesting Facts

  1. In real life, Louis Hofmann and Lisa Vicari are the same age. Both were born in 1997 with a difference of six months – Lisa is older. For unknown reasons, communication between teenagers wasn’t initially set – Lisa doesn’t look for communication with the film crew, Louis also constantly walks, having buried herself in the telephone and communicating only with his help. Well – the world of new technology…
  2. The series is gaining tremendous momentum and is already in the top twenty films that bring the most profit for Netflix. Actor’s fees range from 50 to 200 thousand dollars for one series. According to unofficial data, Louis Hofmann and Oliver Masucci are the owners of the largest payments, but the guys themselves do not comment on the rumors.
  3. The weather was so badly spoiled that some scenes had to be redone and shot in the rain. The script was corrected, the images of the actors were thought out, but in the end everything turned out as well as possible – the constant dampness added atmosphericness to the scenes shot in the forest. Even the lighting did not have to add – the constant gloom became the companion of our heroes.
  4. Oliver Masucci prepared for the role for a long time, even managed to talk with the local precinct so that they would teach him several lessons in locating people. Oliver wanted to look as truthful as possible in the frame and he succeeded. This was even noted by critics present at the closed show of the pilot episode.
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Dark Season 3: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1June 27, 2020
3x02Series 2July 4, 2020
3x03Series 3July 11, 2020
3x04Series 4July 18, 2020
3x05Series 5July 25, 2020
3x06Series 6August 1, 2020
3x07Series 7August 8, 2020
3x08Series 8August 15, 2020

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