Dark Winds Season 2

Relations between Indians and whites still remain difficult. Belief in dark spirits makes tribal members an object of ridicule. One day a young girl and an elderly Indian die. The feds are being sent to the city. It is not known what caused such an interest in murder, since white people always do not care about the death of Indians. Soon it turns out that a helicopter crashed in these parts, which the feds are trying to find, hiding behind the investigation of the deaths of two Indians…

“Dark Winds ss 2”: release date, announcement

It’s official: Season 2 of the psychological thriller “Dark Winds” premieres on July 30, 2023!

Recall that the TV show is based on a series of books by Tony Hillerman “Leaphorn & Chee”, which means that the scriptwriters of the picture will have enough source for inspiration.


Being a Navajo Police sergeant is not so easy, and Joe Leaphorn knows this firsthand. The Navajo are the most numerous Indian people living in the territory that is now called the USA. Leaphorn belonged to the tribe, but over time their paths diverged, and now most relatives prefer not to know him. Together with his wife, who works in a hospital, he lives modestly in a house on the outskirts of the city.

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His relatives live on the reservation and sacredly honor the traditions of their ancestors. Going to each combat mission, Leaphorn uses magical means: amulets, ashes and even dried flowers. According to beliefs, this scares away evil spirits and allows you to freely investigate cases related to witches and their deadly plots. Joe always has these things, because he has to use them often.

One day Leaphorn arrives at the crime scene, where he finds his grandmother, niece Anna and an unknown man. At that time, only the grandmother remained alive, but she has long been deprived of sight and cannot say how the elderly man’s eyes were burned out, and Anna managed to die without a single sign of violence. Later, Joe brought his grandmother home and told his sister about her daughter’s death. Relations with relatives have become even worse.

Frame from the TV show

At this time, his wife, Emma, who works as a nurse, pays attention to a pregnant girl from the reservation. She seems suspicious to her, and soon Emma persuades Joe to go to the girl’s place of residence to check if everything is in order. He sends his partner Bernadette Manuelito, who is working with newcomer Jim Chee that day.

The yard where the girl lives is depressing… The decomposed corpse of a dog, a lopsided house – all this gives the police a bad feeling. An unknown woman opened the door to strangers, who reported that everything was fine with the pregnant woman and without apparent effort was able to make Bernadette dizzy. Manuelito did not let her touch herself, after which the cops went home. So the witch tried to cast a curse on Bernadette, but she was able to fight it off…

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It will soon turn out that a double murder, a fallen helicopter and the fate of a pregnant girl are closely linked. Joe and his team will have to confront the white feds, the system, as well as the ancient conspiracies of local Indians…

Actors and their roles

  • Joe Leaphorn – has long lost good relations with relatives and now turns to them only out of necessity; he does not want to adhere to their laws and prefers to live in a civilized way; believes in evil spirits and knows how to defend himself from them; suffers from past losses – Zahn McClarnon.
  • Jim Chee – returned to his native land after 9 years of absence, as his service required it; investigates a secret case about a fallen helicopter, hiding behind interest in the death of Indians; spends a lot of time with Bernadette; studied in Arizona and considers himself more American than Indian – Kiowa Gordon.
  • Bernadette Manuelito – Joe’s main assistant, he can always rely on her; Bernadette works on a par with men, teaches the newcomer local traditions and shows how to protect themselves from witch charms – Jessica Matten.
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Interesting facts

  1. The season 1 was filmed from August to November 2021 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Filming also took place in the city of Española, Tesuque Pueblo, Cochiti Pueblo, as well as in the Navajo Nation, Native American reservation in the United States.
  2. Actor Kiowa Gordon appeared in 3 parts of the “Twilight” saga, playing a werewolf and one of Jacob’s friends. Since then, he has not often acted in films, preferring to play with his musical rock band “Touche”. However, he later decided to leave the band and devote himself to acting. Gordon belongs to the Hualapai tribe. At the beginning of 2023, 2 more TV projects with his participation will be released: “Whisper of the Wolves” and “Clones”.
  3. The TV series was directed by Chris Eyre, known for his work on the projects “Friday Night Lights” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. He, like his ancestors, belongs to the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes.

Dark Winds Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1July 30, 2023
2x02Series 2August 6, 2023
2x03Series 3August 13, 2023
2x04Series 4August 20, 2023
2x05Series 5August 27, 2023
2x06Series 6September 3, 2023

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