Darling in the FranXX Season 2


In the distant future, humanity suffered enormous losses. Now around the survivors are solid ruins. They build a mobile fortress and give it the name “Plantation”. Growing up children in this place, people do not tell them anything about the outside world. But very soon young minds will find out everything themselves.

When will the anime “Darling in the FranXX Season 2” come out?

Continuation of the anime in the genre of fur “Darling in the FranXX” will be held in the spring of 2020. Successful output of the first part of the story laid the foundation for the creation of the next season. Such crazy pictures anime lovers have been waiting for a long time and now their expectation will be justified.


Children languish in the fortress and begin to ask more and more questions about the outside world and its inhabitants. Informed people reluctantly narrate about the devastations that are from outside. All their conscious lives the guys are preparing for an important mission, which consists in teaching young talents the skills of piloting.

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For this, huge modernized robot machines are used, which among themselves people call Franxx. Such a robot should be managed immediately by 2 people – a girl and a boy. If one of them failed piloting, then the second one is also considered defeated.

Such equipment is used in the fight against raging monsters, attacking civilians, called kloksozavrami. Each child was so washed out of his head that they do not see the meaning of life without piloting Franxx. Hiro, called “code 016” for a long time was known in his native land as a gifted child, able to easily manage Franxx.

But after the unsuccessful passing of the exam for piloting the robot – everything changed dramatically. Hiro, who considers the purpose of life to control the car, now does not find a place among the pilots. An unexpected meeting with Zero Two, called “partner killer”, changes the whole worldview of the guy, attracting Hiro with his appearance.

Frame from anime

The actors of scoring

  • Zero Two – has a distinctive feature in the form of red horns on the head, is a cross between man and klaxosaur, does not listen to orders, is in love with Hiro, Franxx “Strelitzia” pilots with him, has a lot of knowledge about people’s lives in the outside world, does not participate in relationships with other characters, because she is only interested in her partner – Haruka Tomatsu.
  • Hiro – since childhood, restless and inquisitive, after the failure of the test with piloting tried to leave the Academy, believing his life to be meaningless, thinks that Zero Two’s horns are cute, when the others run up in fear, noble, ready to lose their life, piloting Franxx, feels deep sympathy for his naparnitsu – Yuto Uemura.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Anime fits under the genres: furs, etti, sönen, romance, fantasy, action. Has an age limit of “12+”.
  2. Manga, like the first anime series, was released in January 2018. The exit took place almost simultaneously, with a break in a couple of days.
  3. The first season contains 24 episodes, each series has a duration of 24 minutes. Given the break between the series in 1 week, the first episode was shown in January, and 24 – only in June.
  4. Studio “Trigger” is producing anime. That is why the picture is of excellent quality, bright images, inaccessible to many anime-pictures.
  5. A big role for the anime was played by Atsushi Nishigori. He is the creator of the cult paintings “Spirited Away”, “Evangelion”, and the full-length anime “Your name”, still retains the 2nd place at box office all over the world. In the anime “Darling in the FranXX” Nishigori was engaged in the plot, storyboard, layout of series and direction.
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Darling in the FranXX Season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1spring of 2020
2x02Series 2spring of 2020
2x03Series 3spring of 2020
2x04Series 4spring of 2020
2x05Series 5spring of 2020
2x06Series 6spring of 2020
2x07Series 7spring of 2020
2x08Series 8spring of 2020
2x09Series 9spring of 2020
2x10Series 10spring of 2020

Darling in the FranXX