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At a time when a terrible villain nicknamed Savage was able to achieve great power, Time Master Rip Hunter decided to return to 150 years ago to prevent this alignment in the present. As assistants, he recruits a team of superheroes who in the world of Rip carry the title of legend. But defeating the villain is very difficult…

When will the sequel to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 come out?

On May 2, 2021, the TV series “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” will have a sequel – this is reported by representatives of DC, which will notify their viewers in advance about the new season.

The war with the enemies can not be called over, because the modified team Legends of Tomorrow again enters the warpath. Recall that the previous season was broadcast from January 22, 2020.


Rip Hunter worked with time masters for a while, but their tactics of doing business never suited him. Being an impulsive person, he proposed to assemble a team of heroes who lived about 150 years ago. Rip was sure that it was they who could help get rid of the threat in the present – Savage.

Time Masters were forced to disagree with him, realizing that Rip had his own motives. Savage killed his family, so Hunter is obsessed with thoughts of revenge. Masters deny Rip the right to make such decisions. Then Hunter decides to hijack a waverider, to independently go back in time and fulfill his mission.

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The team includes several people who are already heroes, but there are those who rob banks and are not ashamed of bad deeds. They all learn that in the future they will become legends, and decide to declare war on Savage. Here he is only a seller of military equipment and weapons. But it turns out that Savage also has a motive to be what he is.

The main characters of the series

Several thousand years ago, his lover, nicknamed Hawkgirl, decided to connect life with another man, which hit Savage’s vanity. Wanting to crack down on Hawkgirl, he kills both the girl and her lover. Unfortunately for him, Hawkgirl always comes to life, and her beloved is next to her. Thousands of years have passed, but Savage always finds them again to kill.

Rip Hunter takes advantage of Hawkgirl fear, which also became one of the team members. Hawkgirl lures her lover to their side. The remaining heroes also have no doubt, because each of them understands that the planet is on the verge of extinction and all because of the villain who is not able to calm his own feelings.

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The composition of the heroes has repeatedly changed, new characters came, old ones left. Some writers were replaced by more successful ones, some died in the course of the plot. As a result, its own composition of heroes was formed, which still saves the world from troubles. What trouble awaits the world in season 6?

Actors and their roles

  • Ray Palmer – has nicknamed Atom, as he can be reduced to a minimum size, while his strength remains the same; one of the first to join Rip; has a rich heritage, which sometimes confuses the rest of the team members – Brandon Routh.
  • Sara Lance – White Canary; after the resurrection, she acquired problems with self-control, which greatly crippled her spirit, but did not become a reason to refuse Hunter’s offer to defeat Savage – Caity Lotz.
  • Mick Rory – Heat Wave; originally worked in a team with another hero – Captain Cold, with whom they were an inch from the prison; as a result, the guys joined Rip, but only Mick was able to save his life – Dominic Purcell.

Interesting Facts

  1. The television series has been broadcast on The CW since January 21, 2016. Every season, ratings are getting lower, which causes the departure of popular actors, because it directly depends on the size of the fee. Maybe the season 6 will again raise the ratings to the best marks of 3.5 million views? Or should you hope for a good ending?
  2. Dominic Purcell had previously co-starred with Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold), so they were called to the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow project. The guys played the brothers from the series “Prison Break”, where Wentworth tried to release a relative from illegal detention. Rumor has it that the series is again extended to next season.
  3. As a story for the season 6, the creators hinted that there will be 3 new heroes who will replace the two previous ones. To the question “who are these lucky” showrunners are silent and do not even disclose the names of the actors who decided to leave the project. Closer to the release of season 6, we will find out who is behind these rumors and how the new characters look.
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 6: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6x01Series 1May 2, 2021
6x02Series 2May 9, 2021
6x03Series 3May 16, 2021
6x04Series 4May 23, 2021
6x05Series 5May 30, 2021
6x06Series 6June 6, 2021
6x07Series 7June 13, 2021
6x08Series 8June 20, 2021
6x09Series 9June 27, 2021
6x10Series 10July 4, 2021

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