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In the not too distant future, Vandal Savage will have a chance to take over the planet as well as kill the family of Rip Hunter – the Time Masters. To prevent this, Rip is working to create the strongest team of superheroes that can help him save his family and all of humanity. But are Hunter’s motives that pure?

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow ss 7”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the fantastic picture “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” will be released on October 13, 2021.
The successful start of the season 6 made the working group quickly start filming new episodes in order to please fans with another batch of stories.


Rip Hunter worked side by side with time masters for several years, but their methods did not impress him so much that he did not even hide his dissatisfaction. Knowing that his planet is in danger, Hunter invites the time masters to find superheroes who will be able to defeat Vandal Savage. Unfortunately, the masters have different views on these things.

They refuse Rip’s request, believing that he is pursuing his own benefit. Without thinking twice, Hunter secretly flies by waverider in the past, where he will stay for a long time, because he has a lot of work ahead of him. Once in the past, he is looking for superhumans. Many of them are stealing and robbing nearby banks without a shadow of embarrassment.

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Having learned from Rip that a certain Savage threatens to become a danger to all mankind, the heroes unite and decide to find him. Here he is just a smuggler, an arms dealer, so it won’t be difficult to catch him. Inspired by the thought that, as Rip said, they are destined to become legends, they dream of an early reprisal against Savage.

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But it turns out that Vandal also has a reason for malice. Thousands of years ago, he learned that his beloved Hawkgirl wanted to marry another man. In a fit of anger, he kills Hawkgirl and her lover, but then the woman is reborn again, and her love always accompanies her. For thousands of years, Vandal has been looking for her and killing her.

Hawkgirl decides to become a member of Hunter’s team this time because she is tired of Savage. In addition to her, the team is periodically replenished with new characters. Some take the other side, someone is not destined to go this way to the end. But defeating Savage is necessary for the common good.

Few superheroes made it to season 7. Among them are Heat Wave, White Canary, Captain Cold, Steel, Isis, John Constantine, Gideon and several other heroes. There have never been so many people with supernormal abilities on the screen! Who will join the superhero roster this time? What will be their new goal? And who is not destined to complete such a long and difficult path?

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Actors and their roles

  • Sara Lance – nicknamed White Canary; younger sister of Laurel (Black Canary); long considered dead, then Hunter found her in Tibet and offered to join his team; after the disappearance of Rip, she became the captain of the waverider; counteracts the Legion of Doom team – Caity Lotz.
  • Mick Rory – better known as Heat Wave; for a long time collaborated with Captain Cold, they robbed, stole and believed that their life was good; everything changed with the advent of Hunter, who helped Mick realize how much better life would be if he and Captain Cold joined him – Dominic Purcell.
  • Rip Hunter – as a result of the Savage attack, witnessed the death of his own family; could not survive it, went 150 years ago to gather a team of people with supernormal abilities and fought Savage for 3 seasons, disappeared in season 3, but later his team found out what was wrong – Arthur Darvill.
  • Captain Cold – worked with Mick for a long time; he liked the life of bandits, but when Rip appeared in their life, the guys went their separate ways; Captain Cold joined Legion of Doom as he had every reason to hate Rip’s crew – Wentworth Miller.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Brandon Routh, who played Atom in previous seasons, was a huge hit with audiences and his departure became visible in the TV show’s ratings. According to some sources, the producers could not agree on the amount of the fee and the dissatisfied Routh left the TV show, choosing another project.
  2. Initially, the Caity Lotz character was not supposed to take the lead in the team, but the growing popularity of White Canary allowed the creators of the show to focus on her. As a result, after the departure of Atom, when the ratings were unwaveringly low, Lotz’s acting and new plot twists helped to rectify the situation.
  3. The TV series “The Flash” and “Arrow” periodically feature characters from the “Legends of Tomorrow” show. Projects are offshoots of each other and take place in the same time frame.
  4. Each season of the TV series is filmed in Vancouver. All the necessary locations are located here.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 7: release date

Season NumberSeries titleRelease date
7x01Series 1October 13, 2021
7x02Series 2October 20, 2021
7x03Series 3October 27, 2021
7x04Series 4November 3, 2021
7x05Series 5November 10, 2021
7x06Series 6November 17, 2021
7x07Series 7November 24, 2021
7x08Series 8January 12, 2022
7x09Series 9January 19, 2022
7x10Series 10January 26, 2022

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