Dead Island 2 release date


The first part of the game, released in September 2011, was a sensational hit, which was remembered by many players. This is a game based on survival on a huge tropical island, filled with hordes of zombies. The chip series consists of a large number of different ways to exterminate zombies, craft weapons and cooperative mode.

When the game “Dead Island 2″will come out?

The release of the game was announced in 2019, the details of the release are not known yet.


The events of the first part of the game unfold in July 2006 in the fictional island resort of Bana. This island is located in the archipelago of the islands of Papua New Guinea, and is a fairly well-known holiday destination. But despite the population in some areas, it is mostly covered with dense jungle.

The game begins with a prologue, in the hotel room “Royal Palma”, in which the main character wakes up after the party. While he goes to the elevator, he sees on his way a lot of corpses, and when a survivor contacts him, a hero is attacked by a zombie. Despite this, he does not die, but comes to himself in a bungalow, with other survivors, where a local rescuer diagnoses his immunity to the zombie virus. Later, when the survivors get to the rescue complex and organize a camp there, the prologue ends and a search for a way out of this accursed place begins.

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The path of the player or team passes through the whole island, which includes many zones, among them the capital of Morsby, jungles, catacombs and laboratories, as well as many other locations, along the way helping other survivors and scientists.

In “Dead Island 2” the location will be California, which, a few months after the events of the first part, was also struck by a zombie-virus outbreak and subsequently cordoned off by US troops.


In the second part of Dead Island, as well as in the first one, the player will have a choice of 4 characters. The focus in the game is on survival, so in the game there are some elements inherent in role-playing games, which include trading, interaction with non-player characters, a large number of secondary tasks. Dead-Island-2-Release-DateBut the genre of the game is not purely RPG, but made at the intersection of the genres of Survival Horror and Action RPG, but because it has a lot of frightening moments, which so like many fans of horror movies.

As in any modern zombie shooter, the game has a cooperative mode, so you can play with friends or casual players from the lobby. In cooperative mode with friends, progress is maintained when the game is played together, and when running ahead, you have to start from the control point.

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Great attention is paid to weapons in the game. It has the property of wear, and therefore requires repair and improvement, the modernization of individual elements. It is also possible to create your own weapons. In addition to crafting, the game also has a role system. Accumulating experience, it becomes possible to improve these or other parameters and skills in three different skill branches for each character.

Expectations from Dead Island 2

The announcement of the game was made at the presentation of Sony at the E3 gaming exhibition in 2014. According to the publisher, the game is planned to make the game more dynamic and less stressful. Fans of the series expect improvements in the field of customization and upgrading of weapons, more dynamic battle scenes and improving the cooperative regime.

If about new weapons, improvements and skills questions to the game does not particularly arise, then the improvement of the multiplayer component will strongly benefit the game. Adding more modes and the possibility of short session testing will increase the activity and sociality of players, and could also serve as an impetus for the creation of tournaments and competitions.

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Declared characters

  • Denis: the woman is a stuntman who turned her skills to the extermination of zombies.
    Class – Glider.
    Favorite weapon is the Machete.
  • Josh: prefers to live this moment. And a light.
    Class – Bishop.
    Favorite weapon – Molotov Cocktail
  • Ryan: the former fireman. He knows how to work with a sledgehammer and an ax.
    Class – Berserk.
    Favorite weapon – Sledgehammer.
  • Ashley: a teacher, a party girl, a liquidator of the lifeless.
    Class – Hunter.
    Her favorite weapon is the Crossbow.

Interesting Facts

  1. For 4 years of development, the game was managed by 3 companies, one of which was engaged in another horror game, and the other went bankrupt after being suspended from development.
  2. The development of the game was once canceled, but later the publisher reported that the project is not closed, but is frozen.
  3. The game page was even removed from Steam in connection with the major revision of the project by new developers.

Dead Island 2 release date

NumberGenreRelease date
Dead Island 2Survival/Horror/Action/RPG2019