Dead snow 3

This is a rather ambiguous horror comedy film. The first part was published in 2009 and received a lot of both positive and negative reviews.

This question is still open. The creators did not give any comments on this matter. It is known that work on the project has not yet begun.

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However, critics assure fans that the film will certainly appear on the screens, since the second part appealed to a rather large audience.

Creators simply can not miss this chance and must present the world with a third of the unique comedy horror film.

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What is the movie about?

The picture tells of a group of students who went on vacation to the mountains. The guys get into a terrible situation and stumble upon a detachment of German soldiers who have been stuck here since the war and have become bloodthirsty zombies.

Dead snow screenshot

At first glance, the plot looks rather strange, and many expected that ordinary cheap horror films would appear on the screens. However, the result surpassed expectations, and the audience saw something quite unusual. People went to the cinemas, driven by genuine curiosity, because not every day you can see the zombie Nazis.

Reviews and criticism

The film is full of absurd and trash situations, which surprisingly dilute a rather boring and banal plot. In fact, the whole picture is based on elements, deriding the traditional zombie theme. This rather unusual approach made it possible to bribe the audience, and it is thanks to the abundance of thrash that you want to see the picture to the end.

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The film is perfectly set. Good directing and camera work is noticeable here. Installation does not cause any complaints.

As for the acting, everything here is also at a decent level. Although the characters did not have to reveal their inner world, nevertheless, all emotions and fear are transmitted quite naturally.

Dead snow screenshot

At the viewer during the viewing, there is no impression that everything that is happening on the screen is only a parody. Thanks to this approach, a person involuntarily empathizes with heroes when they fall into deadly situations.

Prerequisites for continuation

“Operation Dead Snow 2” appeared in 2014 and is the continuation of the first part. Now the surviving protagonist begins to hunt for treasures, which are guarded by all the same Nazi zombies.

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The film received quite high ratings from critics and viewers, despite the fact that everyone predicted a frank failure for him. He became a worthy example of a thrash film and surpassed the first part, which positioned itself as an ordinary zombie horror with elements of black comedy.

In the second part there are all the same ridiculous situations, all the same parody of the genre, but it is removed more seriously is a worthy continuation of the first part.

Dead snow 3 release date

NameSeries titleRelease date
Dead snowPart 3not announced

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