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Having come to an anonymous group, where each of the participants lost a loved one, Jen didn’t even guess which person she would face. Judy, charming at first glance, could not only become her friend, but also enter her house as a member of the family. But Jen does not know the whole truth about his new acquaintance.

“Dead to Me ss 3”: release date, announcement

It is known that the filming of the season 3 of the TV series “Dead to Me”, which will be the final one, started in May 2021. However, for various reasons, the production process was suspended and ended only in April 2022. In this regard, the timing of the premiere of new episodes has been shifted. It is currently known that the release will take place on November 17, 2022!  
The light, unobtrusive plot makes us sit comfortably in front of TV every day and enjoy a new episode. However, any project sometime shows its last scene…


Jen is broken – her husband, who was loved by the whole family, died in a terrifying car accident. Suffering insomnia and terrible depression, a woman decides to go to an anonymous meeting and speak out. So she meets Judy, who at first seems strange to her. Judy easily makes contact, almost imposing herself, and gives Jen her phone number if she wants to chat.

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Having decided never to get in touch with his new acquaintance, Jen relives her depression once she arrives home. She rides a simulator at an astonishing speed, walks around the house in men’s clothes, sitting in the toilet, sobs into the pillow so that the children do not hear her heartbreaking screams. But after a few hours, she calls Judy.

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Women begin to communicate with each other. Judy initially said that her lover had died of a heart attack. And Jen admitted that she is still examining the beaten cars, hoping to see traces of the crime in them. After all, the one who shot down her husband has not yet been found. And the woman is trying to conduct an investigation on her own.

Frame from the TV show

Soon, Jen finds out that Judy’s lover is alive. He himself decided to leave her, because she behaved strangely and did not fit the parameters of the lady with whom he wants to spend his whole life. Out of anger at her friend, Jen gives the man her realtor card and offers to sell the house in which they lived with Judy. Steve agrees.

When Judy asks Jen for forgiveness, the process is already running. After all, Jen works with Steve and learns a lot about Judy. But for a long time the most important secret of this crazy woman will be kept – a car is stored in the garage, whose wing was broken after a collision with the same person…

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Whatever the season, this is another misfortune. And at the same time, the more they learn about each other, the closer they are friends. No misfortune can interfere with this strange female friendship. But in the end, each of them will prefer their own interests.

Actors and their roles

  • Jen – recently buried her husband, who fell under the wheels of a car; obsessed with finding his killer; brings up two children; suffers from insomnia, depression; For a long time she could not go into a small house where her husband kept his things; is saved from their ailments by splashes of rage – Christina Applegate.
  • Judy – came to the support group after her boyfriend left her; pursued him until she received a ban on approaching him less than 100 meters; the breakup was due to the fact that each time Judy could not bear the child, which subsequently made her very strange – Linda Cardellini.
  • Charlie – the eldest son of Jen; he does not like Judy, whom her mother invited to live in his father’s house; thinks she’s strange, but sometimes willing to take advantage of her in his own interests – Sam McCarthy.
  • Steve – Judy’s former lover; struggled for a long time with the woman’s obsessive attention, but then decided to sell their joint home and move where she would not come; collaborates with Jen – James Marsden.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The director for a long time could not decide on the music that the heroine of Christina Applegate would listen to. As a result, the actress found a cassette with heavy rock from her son and borrowed it for filming in the show. The director was delighted with the chaos that he heard with his ears.
  2. Between Season 1 and Season 2, Linda Cardellini was often seen in Los Angeles, leaving the clinic of a famous plastic surgeon. Either she simply decided to refuse services, or her operations took place where there are no curious people. Visually, the appearance of the actress has not changed.
  3. Both lead actors had to cut their hair before they started filming. So it was originally conceived – a similar build, only one blue-eyed blonde, and the other – brown-eyed brown-haired, so that the image of the heroines corresponded to their characters.
  4. James Marsden originally signed a contract to participate in only one season of the show. But the director decided that such an interesting hero as Steve deserves a full-fledged role.

Dead to Me Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1November 17, 2022
3x02Series 2November 17, 2022
3x03Series 3November 17, 2022
3x04Series 4November 17, 2022
3x05Series 5November 17, 2022
3x06Series 6November 17, 2022
3x07Series 7November 17, 2022
3x08Series 8November 17, 2022
3x09Series 9November 17, 2022
3x10Series 10November 17, 2022

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