Death Wish 2


Paul Kersey is a good surgeon, to whom a lot of people owe their life. But when the danger rushed into the house to the man – no one could help. Lucy’s wife, being beaten and raped, died in her husband’s arms. Daughter Jordan suffered the same fate, but she managed to stay alive. Now Paul wants revenge.

When will the film “Death Wish 2” come out?

As of June 2020, there is no official information on the continuation of the movie “Death Wish 2”. Recall that the picture is the eponymous remake, released in 1981.


The irony of fate – daily saving the lives of strangers, Paul could not protect the life of his wife. Desperate, the man goes to the police, where he hopes to get help.

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There he understands that no one is interested in catching the criminal. The police are already overloaded with work and unsolved crimes. But Paul is not one of those people who quit business half way.

Armed with a gun, the widower decides that he will find the rapists himself. In addition, the unknowns began to upload videos of their sophisticated murders in social networks.

Over time, people view not only the videos of rapists, but also videos on which an unidentified man is administering justice over the sadists. This story tells how the most common man went to the streets of his native Chicago to fight the bandits.

Revenge immerses Paul in a series of events, from which he will have to get out, because his home is waiting for his beloved daughter. The picture will dazzle the viewer headlong into the world of crime, cruelty and justice.

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Shot from the movie

Actors and their roles

  • Paul Kersey – Bruce Willis. Musician, producer, one of the most popular actors of Hollywood. He prefers to act in action films, thrillers, occasionally you can see him in comedy films. “Die Hard”, “Pulp Fiction”, “The Fifth Element”, “Nine Yards” are the best of his film works.
  • Frank, Paul’s brother – Vincent D’Onofrio. Producer and actor, whose career began in 1983 and successfully continues to this day. Works in the direction of drama, fiction. In the film “The Whole Huge World” he appeared as a producer and played the role of the protagonist.
  • Jordan, Paul’s daughter – Camilla Morrone. She was born in 1997. At the moment he works in the modeling business, takes part in films and serials of different genres. In 2018, Camilla and Leonardo DiCaprio began to meet. The difference between lovers is 23 years.

Interesting Facts

  1. The director of the picture was Eli Roth, known for his films “House with a clock on the wall”, “Hostel”, “Fever”.
  2. Production of a series of films “Thirst for Death” is engaged in the film company Metro Goldwin Mayer, which is the undisputed leader of the American film market since 1924.
  3. Critics were skeptical of the first part, but they found the film easy to watch. Cash gathering amounted to about $ 150,000,000 worldwide.
  4. The first part was filmed in Chicago and Montreal. The second part was filmed in Chicago and is not yet planning to go outside the city.
  5. One of the three producers of the film was Sylvester Stallone, who often met Willis on set while still acting. On the account of Sylvester, dozens of movies in which he plays the main characters. He performed the unforgettable role of a boxer in a series of films “Rocky”, after which he became a recognizable persona
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Death Wish 2: release date

NameRelease date
Death Wish 2not announced

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