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Andy and Laurie could rightfully be considered a successful family, and in all aspects: the calm, adequate child Jacob, who is already 14; excellent, stable work for both parents. Andy is a public servant – the best prosecutor in the city. But once a disaster called “killing a child” knocked on their house.

“Defending Jacob ss 2”: release date, announcement

The resounding success helped the project occupy the top of the ratings. And the participation of Chris Evans only exacerbated the situation in a good way.
The sequel to the detective show “Defending Jacob” was not planned, but after the release of season 1 it became clear that it was necessary to shoot further. Spectators literally require new episodes! Will they – it’s too early to speak.


A typical American family day: a child is going to school, parents are going to work. Arriving in court, Andy receives an urgent call – he must visit the scene. In the dead boy, he recognizes Ben – a classmate of his son. Overwhelming anxiety spread to all around. After calling his own son, Andy makes sure that he is in order.

Having decided that such an incident does not pass without a trace for a teenager, Andy and Laurie talk with their son. But he convinces that he never communicated with Ben and generally considered him an upstart. After all, Ben considered himself cool, and no one argued with him about this. At the funeral, Jacob confesses to his father that he is tired of the fact that the children look more upset than they really are.

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Andy understands his son and the fact that in real life, many do not care that someone else’s child died. The only thing Andy thinks about is that it is his child who is now alive and well, and does not lie dead near the river with three stab wounds. Laurie is upset by Ben’s death, but is in solidarity with her husband and son.

Frame from TV show

But Andy does not let go of one situation. When Ben’s classmates were interrogated, the girl gave reason to think that Jacob was involved in the death of a teenager. Having decided to conduct his own investigation, Andy looks through the correspondence of his son with classmates. To his horror, Jacob’s close friend accuses the guy of the fact that the murder was committed by him.

Andy then finds a knife in his son’s room that looks too much like the one that was stuck in Ben’s body. Now Andy will have to understand – is it true that Jacob was involved in the murder, or is it all the work of his classmates? Who decided to substitute a son? And why did Jacob, if it was his job, kill an innocent man?

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It is hard to imagine what parents who have lost a child can feel. In the show “Defending Jacob” much attention is paid to the experiences of the heroes, as well as the workshop of the game of world actors in Hollywood.

Actors and their roles

  • Jacob – Andy’s son; an exemplary teenager who does not have problems with his family; involved in the death of a classmate, while being subjected to pressure from schoolchildren; trying to prove his innocence, in which he does not succeed; the case is taken by his father, working as a prosecutor in a city court – Jaeden Martell.
  • Andy – Jacob’s father, husband of Laurie; gets into a scandalous situation where his son is involved; trying to prove his innocence, but there is too much evidence of Jacob’s involvement – Chris Evans.
  • Laurie – mother of Jacob; believes in the innocence of a son; together with Andy, she is trying to justify her son; ready to go to any tricks so that Jacob would remain at large; Laurie is kind, smart and trusts her family – Michelle Dockery.

Interesting Facts

  1. Chris Evans took up the project immediately after the filming of Part 2 of “The Avengers“. He spent more than 10 years with MARVEL, but nevertheless terminated the contract with the film company and decided not to take part in further films about Captain America. And the age of the actor is not the same as before. A similar situation then happened with Robert Downey Jr. – the same “Iron Man”.
  2. Jaeden Martell very quickly became a famous young actor. The film “It”, based on the novel by Stephen King, is to blame. He received the role of Jacob Barber by invitation, without going through the casting. Martell is a very talented guy, and the directors are amazed at his ability to play on camera. Jaeden subtly feels the camera and knows how to look good in the frame.
  3. The most successful role played by Michelle Dockery is the character Lady Mary Crawley from the show “Downton Abbey”. After the release of season 1, she literally woke up popular. It is worth noting that Michelle Dockery is not only a gorgeous actress, but also a great jazz singer.
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Defending Jacob Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not planned
2x02Series 2not planned
2x03Series 3not planned
2x04Series 4not planned
2x05Series 5not planned
2x06Series 6not planned
2x07Series 7not planned
2x08Series 8not planned

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