Diamond no Ace Season 4 / Dia no Ace 4


What do you know about baseball? To become a true professional player, you must live the game, fight to the last second and not lose heart in the most difficult moments. All these qualities are endowed with the guy Eijun Sawamura, who once gets into the world of big sport…

The premiere of the season 1 took place on October 3, 2013.
The premiere of the season 2 – April 6, 2015.
The premiere of the season 3rd – April 2, 2019.

When will the anime “Diamond no Ace Season 4” be released?

Judging by the unprecedented demand of the anime series and the excellent ratings of each season, directors can not stop there. As you know, there is a demand – there is a picture. We are waiting for the release of the season 4 of the anime “Diamond no Ace” in 2021 and, according to tradition, in April.

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Eijun Sawamura grew up an ordinary country boy. Unlike his friends, Aijun raved about playing baseball. Having assembled a team, the guys took part in various competitions, but never achieved high achievements.

Eijun differed fighting character, he rallied the team, set up all to win. But his friends were average players, and didn’t want to play baseball at all – just respect for a friend, a desire to support him, forced the guys to do everything they could. It is a pity that all the effort has always been not enough.

Frame from anime

One day, the familiar world of young Eijun Sawamura is turned upside down. Takashima Rei, the representative of the leadership of the elite school of Seidou, meets him. She invites the guy to move and start playing his favorite baseball with a professional team and one of the best coaches.

Sawamura made a decision for a long time, but agreeing, the guy began a completely different life: training, competitions, ups and downs in his career, new friends and acquaintances, disappointments and satisfaction from his victories. What peaks will be conquered by young talent? And can something prevent this?..

Anime main characters

  • Eijun Sawamura – an emotional guy, a student of the Seidou High school, popular among schoolchildren with ambiguous and sometimes silly actions; at first he did not understand anything in baseball, but with great zeal he began to study all the subtleties of the game; with his great strength of will, sporting spirit and obsession in victory always inspired teammates; for the sake of victory, he is ready to give all his strength, while Sawamura is very collected in those moments where he is required to concentrate and make the right decision – these qualities are valued by his coach; often thinks first, and then does or speaks, thereby putting himself in awkward situations.

Interesting Facts

  • In 2008, the “Diamond no Ace” manga won the Shogakukan Manga Award, one of the most prestigious Japanese awards in the shōnen category (manga aimed at an audience of guys aged 12 to 18). After 2 years, the success was repeated – this time with the Kodansha Manga Award.
  • In 2011, the manga “Diamond no Ace” was on the 25th line in the list of best-selling, while more than 1 million 700 thousand copies were released. Two years later, the manga was already on the 23rd line.
  • In 2011, according to Nikkei Entertainment, the author of the manga “Diamond no Ace” Yuji Terajima was included in the list of the 50 best manga creators (sales were evaluated). He was in the 20th place.

Diamond no Ace Season 4 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1April, 2021
4x02Series 2April, 2021
4x03Series 3April, 2021
4x04Series 4April, 2021
4x05Series 5April, 2021
4x06Series 6April, 2021
4x07Series 7April, 2021
4x08Series 8April, 2021
4x09Series 9April, 2021
4x10Series 10April, 2021

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