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19th century. Eternally agitated by her emotions, Emily Dickinson gets into trouble. Each time her adventures become more dangerous, but she does not seem to notice it. Her sensitive nature longs to control her own life, but the girl understands that life in this century will not allow her such a luxury. How will the main character cope with her unpredictable disposition?

“Dickinson ss 3”: release date, announcement

Viewers can rejoice as the sequel to the TV comedy series Dickinson is scheduled to premiere on November 5, 2021. Note that this is a rarity when 2 seasons of a TV show of this genre come out at once in one year. It is known that the filming of the season 3 started in mid-March 2021 and ended in June, after 3 months of work.


As a little girl, Emily dreamed of never getting married and becoming the most brilliant writer. Having made an oath with their friend Sue, they decided to stick to it, no matter how many years passed. But then Emily’s fourteenth birthday came, when the surrounding events ceased to suit her – her mother decided to give the girl in marriage.

Emily had a different outlook on life. Eternal torment about a good rhyme, the search for inspiration – this excited the girl. Well, and her friend Sue, with whom they have long been in a relationship. No one knew about this, because in the 19th century, such a relationship could easily turn into the death penalty for both lovers. They constantly had to hide from prying eyes.

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Sue was barely making ends meet, and after the death of her last relative, she had to think about marriage. In order not to be on the street, the girl decides to take desperate measures. Just at this time, Austin, Emily’s brother, arrived in time, who proposed to Sue in the hope of obtaining consent. Sue had no choice. Emily was angry.

Frame from the TV show

Lavinia, Emily’s sister, madly dreams of a wedding and children. She perfectly knows how to take care of the house, the economy, but, according to her mother, she needs Lavinia at home. At the same time, thanks to the young lady’s skill in housekeeping. The girl is romantic in nature, longs for a prince on a white horse, or at least a knight in armor and with a sword. But first she needs to deal with her mother.

Emily’s father flatly refuses her desire to publish her works. With great difficulty and persuasion, she is still published, but under a different name. This marks the beginning of her amazing writing career, which she will excel at. And now it’s time for her again to descend into her world of madness, where Emily is the main character of the fictional carnival…

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Actors and their roles

  • Emily Dickinson – a charming young writer in love with a childhood friend; dreams of publishing poetry under her own name, but for now this is impossible, since her father in the strictest form forbade her to realize herself; Emily is eager to show the world her work, as well as to reveal her relationship with Sue – Haley Steinfeld.
  • Austin – Emily’s brother; he is very friendly, while not only to others, but also to his sister; Emily herself behaves badly towards him, although she believes that he deserves it; in love with Sue, dreams of marrying her and does not know about her relationship with his sister – Adrian Enscoe.
  • Lavinia – she only thinks about how to get married, but a strict mother forces her to do household chores, because it is not possible to rely on stupid Emily; Lavinia wants to get married and live in love with her husband – Anna Baryshnikov.
  • Sue – the girl who took Emily’s heart; after the death of her sister, she decided on Austin’s proposal, because she did not want to be left without a livelihood; Emily was upset, but was able to forgive her – Ella Hunt.

Interesting Facts

  1. In an interview in 2020, Adrian Enscoe admitted that the role of Austin was not easy for him. He tried to play a cute boy who did not understand anything about complex adult relationships and at the same time wanted to be this adult himself. For him, this role became decisive in his future career. Now he is involved in several projects at once doomed to success.
  2. Hailee Steinfeld signed a contract immediately for the first 2 seasons. And when it became known that the show was popular, before signing the contract for the next season, she asked to increase the amount of the fee. Limiting herself to 95 thousand dollars per episode, the girl began filming.
  3. Thanks to the friendly team of actors, the director can work more calmly. In season 1, constant conflicts with Anna Baryshnikov drove everyone crazy. But now the girl has switched to communicating with colleagues and no longer bothers others.
  4. The full name of the actress Anna Baryshnikov is Anna Katerina Baryshnikov. And yes, she has a Russian surname, but in Western manners the ending is removed. Anna’s father is Mikhail Baryshnikov, a Soviet and American ballet dancer and actor.
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Dickinson Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1November 5, 2021
3x02Series 2November 5, 2021
3x03Series 3November 5, 2021
3x04Series 4November 12, 2021
3x05Series 5November 19, 2021
3x06Series 6November 26, 2021
3x07Series 7December 3, 2021
3x08Series 8December 10, 2021
3x09Series 9December 17, 2021
3x10Series 10December 24, 2021

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