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XIX century. Based on the current order, Emily Dickinson cannot break out into the people and declare her talent openly. The people do not welcome women who seek to take the place of men, and yet the main character is trying to become a successful writer. Oh, how much time poor Emily spends thinking! Very soon, people around will understand how strong the talent of the young writer is!..

“Dickinson ss 4”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the beloved TV show “Dickinson” is not worth waiting for, because, unfortunately, even before the premiere of the season 2, the creators of the picture officially announced the closure of the project after the release of the season 3. The story of a young and very stubborn person is told in sufficient volume so as not to annoy the viewer and leave on a great note.


Even in her early years, Emily dreamed of becoming famous. But not just to flash before the eyes of people, but to be truly successful and famous. Poetry was chosen as a favorite pastime. Instead of helping her mother and sister with the chores, Emily did everything possible to avoid such a fate. The thought of the upcoming marriage completely horrified her! Partly because she was already in love… Together with a friend named Sue, Emily made a vow never to get married and tried to stick to it.

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The fourteen-year-old age of the young poetess spoke of her physical readiness to become someone’s wife, and her mother decided not to waste time. Time after time, the girl refused potential candidates for her heart, especially since the object of her desire was sweet Sue.

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Without advertising the relationship, the girls hid and spent a lot of time together. The customs of the 19th century would not have allowed marriage between women, in the worst case, such girls would have been burned at the stake. Unfortunately, Sue’s family was so ruined that they had no choice but to successfully marry her off. Emily learned that her brother Austin became the contender for the heart of her beloved.

Frame from the TV show

Sue had another way out — to be on the street with her family. Therefore, when the guy decided on the proposal, she agreed. Emily did not hesitate to say, considering the street a better way out than a close relationship with her brother. Angry at the situation, she alternately dreamed of finding the perfect rhyme and new sources of inspiration for future poetry.

The Dickinson family also has Lavinia — the perfect housewife, the best housekeeper and just the sweetest creature who dreams of children and family. But since no one helps their mother with the housework, the poor girl still walks in brides, carries heavy troughs, pinches chickens and serves the men in the house. Being romantic, she longs to meet the prince, but he is still not there.

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Experiencing the departure of a friend to her brother, Emily is also faced with the refusal of her father to publish her poems in a publishing house. Inventing new ways to become popular, the girl finds a way out and publishes under a pseudonym. And while the world is getting acquainted with her work, Emily opens her fantasy to the audience, in which she expects many discoveries and wonderful accomplishments!..

Actors and their roles

  • Emily Dickinson — has a rich imagination; hopes to fulfill herself as a person in a world where men rule everywhere; understands the delights of her talent, but her father does not dare to publish her poems without a pseudonym; Emily is smart, cunning and loves to pretend to be incompetent in the kitchen in the eyes of her mother — Hailee Steinfeld.
  • Sue — the best friend of a well-known writer in narrow circles, her great love; although their relationship ended when Sue agreed to marry Austin, the girls were able to maintain their friendship and even communicate from time to time — Ella Hunt.
  • Austin Dickinson — in love with Sue, so he proposes to her, and later becomes her lover; has a good disposition, well-mannered and restrained, despite the rebellious nature of Emily — Adrian Blake Enscoe.
  • Lavinia Dickinson — a dreamy person whose thoughts are occupied by romance and dreams; capable of a great feeling, but her mother does not want to let her leave the house, because then no one will help her with the housework — Anna Baryshnikov.
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Interesting Facts

  1. In 1985, a crater on Venus was named after the real-life writer Emily Dickinson. Currently, she is deservedly considered one of the most widely read American poets of all time.
  2. Poems by Emily Dickinson under her real name were published only posthumously. This was done by her niece Martha (Mattie) Dickinson Bianchi — the daughter of Austin and Susan.
  3. Hailee Steinfeld has been acting in films since the age of 8. In 2020, the girl received an offer to star in the fantastic TV series of the MARVEL, and in 2021 the project “Hawkeye” was already released, where she got the main role. At the same time, there were rumors that the season 3 of “Dickinson” could be the last one, since cooperation with the MARVEL takes a lot of time from the actress.

Dickinson Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1project is closed
4x02Series 2project is closed
4x03Series 3project is closed
4x04Series 4project is closed
4x05Series 5project is closed
4x06Series 6project is closed
4x07Series 7project is closed
4x08Series 8project is closed
4x09Series 9project is closed
4x10Series 10project is closed

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