Dies Irae / Day of wrath season 3


“Day of wrath season 3” – a screen version of the visual novella for adults “Dies Irae” about Nazi occult rituals and ordinary Japanese schoolchildren in the genres of drama, mysticism, adventure, fantasy.
Production of A.C.G.T.
The season 1 is 11-serial night anime series, which was broadcast at 01:05 on the Tokyo MX T c from October 7, 2017 to December 23, 2017.

At the moment there is no information about the work on the season 2 of anime. But there is no information about the closure of the project.


In early May 1945, in Nazi Germany, when the Red Army men raised the USSR flag over the Reichstag, some officers of the German army held a mysterious sacrificial rite. For them, the bloody murders on the empty streets of Berlin are the best sacrifices for the ritual, which is called to bring back to life the Order of Thirteen Copies – a company of superhumans, the resurrection of which will lead to a complete apocalypse and the destruction of everything. After dozens of years, no one was able to find out whether they had come to the desired result. Not all people in principle are aware of their existence, and those who had any idea about this have long died because of age or circumstances, so rumors and gossip about the imminent resurrection of the bloody Order are still passed down from generation to generation .. .

The December day of 2006. Japan, a small town of Suvahara. Ren Fujii is in the hospital. Everything ever comes to the end, and even a close friendship that must go through with a person through life, in a certain period of time comes to an end. A couple of months ago, Ren and his friend Shiro Yusa had a terrible fight in an attempt to kill one another. Ren is still trying to return to the usual routine, and so he goes with a friend of Kasumi to show the ancient guns, where he suddenly sees a very real guillotine. That night the youth sees a nightmarish dream: right from his shoulders, his head is cut off on the guillotine he saw. Waking up, Ren learns that a man who was beheaded like a blow with a sharp blade really exists … Fujii tries to concentrate on pleasant memorable moments and their friendship with Shirou, but nightly, falling asleep, he looks at the same dream: the guillotine, the chase strange legions in black robes, incomprehensible persecution … Dreams are repeated from time to time, and Ren gradually thinks that he is between reality and sleep, and begins to move away from the reel, dreaming only of one thing: that everything is back to square one. No matter how dreary the former life routine, it is still much nicer than the horror that happens to the guy now.

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And yet the nightmares of the young man are not accidental: Ren suddenly becomes involved in the continuation of the conflict, which has already ended a very, very long time ago.


Day of wrath season 3

The continuation of the anime series Day of wrath season 3, which ended in late December 2017, is scheduled for July 2020: 6 episodes (13 to 18) will be broadcast in ONA format only on the Internet.

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Day of wrath “episode zero”

A special separate series of OVA format lasting 20 minutes was broadcast on October 7, 2017 before the release of the main series and preceded the events of the main storyline.

The plot of the zero episode occurs in Germany from the time of the cult of Nazism. The head of state committed an attempt, but a strange visionary of fate, Karl Krafft had already predicted this. And yet it was decided to condemn him for treason to the state. But officer Heidrich gives Karl the choice: he works as a predictor at the national level and helps in the popularization of Nazism, and the general does not kill him. Workers are instructed to accompany Heidrich, and three Valkyries are summoned to fulfill this task: Eleonor von Wittenburg, Beatrice Kirheisen and Lisa Brenner. However, in the process of the accompanying mission there is an unintended …


  1. Ren Fujiyi is a protagonist. The representative of Mercury (the deity of the world Dies Irae) and his successor in the Order. After receiving the power of Marie’s soul, the guy on the neck materialized the track as after cutting off the head, so he began to wear a long scarf to hide the label.
  2. Kasumi Ayase is a friend of Ren’s childhood, also lives in the town of Suvahara, studying at a local school. From parents only mother lives. He is the captain of the kendo club.
  3. Yusa Shiro is Rena’s best friend. A sudden fight breaks off from Rena’s friendship. After Shirou stopped attending school, no one heard anything about him.
  4. Marie is a mysterious girl who appears in Rena’s dream after attending an exhibition of knives. Signs a contract with Wren to show his strength.
  5. Reinhard Heydrich is the antagonist of the universe, the Eleventh Order of Spearmen.
  6. Mercury is a friend of Reinhard. Together with a friend he recreated the Order, in which the second commander is composed. It is the catalyst for the plot. Ren – deputy Mercury in the Order.
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Interesting Facts

  • To finance the release of the anime series, Light Studios have campaigned from May 9 to July 9, 2015. The initial task is to save 30 million yen, but to earn money in almost three times more. As a result, the December conference announced the release of anime serialization, the next game (Dies irae ~ Interview with Kaziklu Bey ~, was released in March 2016), the release of the manga (published in 2016 in the popular Dengeki Maoh) and the continuation of the visual novel from March 2016).
  • The director of the anime series is Susumu Kudo, the author of the following popular anime works: “The Wizard of Kaito”, “Project K”, “Blood +”, “Pet Princesses!”, “Chara Guardians!”, “Angel Angel in Love”.
  • The prototype of the Black Round Table of the Thirteenth Order of the Spear became a real secret SS community that functioned during the reign of the Third Reich. The round table met in the German castle Vevelsburg. This secret SS Order consisted of twelve SS generals and Himmler. In the center of the room on the floor, a 12-final swastika (“black sun”) was laid out in mosaic, around the mosaic there were 12 columns.

Day of wrath season 3 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced

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