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With age, Frances came to the realization that she no longer wanted to share her life with her husband Robert, even though a long segment of her life was traveled together. She feels herself a full-fledged personality and is not ready for several years to endure next to this mustachioed, vile man, whom she once married. But how to say this to her husband?

When will the “Divorce Season 4” TV series be released?

Continuation of the fascinating multi-part show “Divorce” will not appear. Fans are upset, but management announced the closure of the project before the release of season 3, which was the last. Sarah Jessica Parker is also involved in other time-consuming projects. Perhaps this is what caused the series to close.


New York, nowadays. Over the years, Frances’ life has lost its former attractiveness, and the family hearth has been the haven of two people unhappy with their fate. The lady understands that it is necessary to look at the world differently, and the first thing that comes to mind is a husband who has long ceased to pay attention to her. And does Frances need this attention now, which sees in him continuous flaws?

Every day the mood of Frances is becoming more negative, but her husband does not try to bring anything interesting to family life. His love of sitting out of the couch drives a woman crazy, and the parody of actors has long ceased to amuse. Therefore, Frances without a twinge of conscience flirts with men and very successfully – she is always reciprocated.

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Her husband is not interested in how Frances spends his time. He himself is not ready to return home early, so he tries to while away his evenings anywhere, most importantly – not at home. As a result, both spouses understand that they no longer need each other. So the first thoughts about divorce arise, which ultimately become a welcome outcome for both sides.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Frances

But for Frances, divorce turns into a real hell, because her husband found out about her affair on the side. Having filed a lawsuit, he decides to deprive the woman of everything that he can. Here, Frances begins to get out, because she did not imagine liberation from her husband at all. Now only devoted friends, new love and her own character will help her, which will not allow her to bend in front of her husband.

A long divorce process begins, in which many little things about the main characters are recognized. Both spouses are to blame, not just the traitor Frances. But now it needs to be proved. In addition to Robert and his wife in this situation, other heroes who did not want to be involved in a family showdown are also confused. What will end the relationship between Frances and Robert?

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Actors and their roles

  • Frances – Robert’s wife, open to communication; she is a cheerful, purposeful woman who dreams of bright love outside of marriage; Frances wants to divorce her husband, because marriage no longer brings her any pleasure, but random information about her affair changes everything, making a woman understand how many problems she can make in the future, as a result, Frances decides to divorce – Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • Robert – the husband of Frances; he is not interested in his own wife; he wants to spend time watching TV shows; Robert does not want to reckon with the opinion of his wife; he spends a lot of time outside the house because he does not want to meet Frances; the decision to divorce untie his hands, but the random news of the betrayal Frances hits Robert below the waist, after which he files a lawsuit against his wife – Thomas Haden Church.

Interesting Facts

  1. The best directors are working on the series:
    Adam Bernstein (“Breaking Bad”, “Scrubs”, “Fargo”, “Billions“, “Californication”, etc.)
    Jesse Peretz (“New Girl“, “Orange Is the New Black“, “Girls”, “GLOW”, etc.)
    Wendey Stanzler (“Sex and the City”, “Pretty Little Liars”, “Desperate Housewives”) and others.
  2. For the 3 seasons, more than 250 actors took part in the series, half of which appeared in more than one series. Given the format of the series, this number of people involved is almost the maximum.
  3. Thomas Haden Church was delighted to be able to work with Sarah Jessica Parker as a show partner. He speaks of his on-screen passion with great love, despite the fact that in the story most of the time they have to swear and sort things out. Thomas says that after the double, Sarah always laughs, remembering his face.
  4. In addition to the main role, Sarah Jessica Parker acted as executive producer of the first 2 seasons. Initially, the actress planned only to become a producer, and the film crew literally forced her to go to the main role. When the casting took place, Sarah was so angry with the applicants that she literally worked out each scene. After that, the directors invited Sarah to try on the role herself.
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Divorce Season 4: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1project is closed
4x02Series 2project is closed
4x03Series 3project is closed
4x04Series 4project is closed
4x05Series 5project is closed
4x06Series 6project is closed

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