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The TV show “Domina” tells the story of a real woman, Livia Drusilla. She was famous for her incredible intelligence, love affairs at the beginning of her life, and she was not inferior to the men of ancient Rome in ingenuity and perseverance. Life was hard on her, but Livia was able to get on her feet and endure all the hardships. How will her incredible story end?

“Domina ss 2”: release date, announcement

The sequel to the captivating historical drama “Domina” was officially announced in February 2022. It can be assumed that the premiere of the season 2 will take place, approximately, in a year. Indeed, the production of one season of such historical projects takes a lot of effort and time. Therefore, we hope to meet our beloved heroes at the summer of 2023.

p.s. Officially: the premiere of the season 2 of the TV series “Domina” will take place on July 9, 2023!


Livia’s father supported Julius Caesar’s assassins. Therefore, when it was Livia’s turn to marry, her father decided to grant this right to someone who held the same views. The choice fell on Tiberius Claudius Nero. The wedding took place when the girl was 15 and the groom was 43.

The ceremony was attended by the adopted son of the murdered Julius, Gaius Octavius, who fell in love with the girl irrevocably. Then they parted ways. War broke out with Octavius, and Tiberius was too cowardly to fight. Together with his wife, newborn child and servants, he wandered through the forest for a year. No matter how much Livia asked him to join Gaius Octavius, her husband did not want to hear anything about it. Livia’s father was forced to die by bloodletting. One. In the forest.

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Having received refuge from the ally Octavius, Tiberius for some time continued to live in his house with his wife. The couple had a second son. But since Livia also slept with an ally, it was not known who the child was from. Being 6 months pregnant, her paths with Octavius cross again, and he is no longer ready to lose Livia again.

Frame from the TV show

He abandons his wife on their daughter’s birthday, forces Tiberius to divorce, awaits for Livia to give birth and marries her. Thus begins the story of the reign of the most powerful woman in the history of the Roman Empire. After Octavius ​​proclaimed himself Caesar, the woman began to exert even more influence on politics.

Livia’s children from her first marriage were recognized as heirs, and the children of the daughter of Octavius ​​died unexpectedly each time. So the enemies got rid of competitors for the throne, dreaming that only Tiberius would be allowed to become the new emperor. Did Livia participate in the conspiracies and murders of the children of Caesar’s daughter? Is a woman’s conscience clear? And why only the grandson Claudius remained a good opinion of his grandmother, canonizing her? Who is she, this woman Livia Drusilla?

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Actors and their roles

  • Livia – was loved by her father; got married at 15; after the birth of two children, she remarried; wayward, smart, selfish; has a tough character; does not give himself up; fights for the future of children; in love with Gaius Octavius, rules Rome with him hand in hand – Nadia Parkes / Kasia Smutniak.
  • Tiberius Nero – Livia’s first husband; a coward, forced her to run with a child through the forest and hide from pursuers, although he could provide her with a decent life; in the forest he hit the beloved maid of Livia, after which she died; then ran away from the scene and said nothing to his wife – Enzo Cilenti.
  • Gaius Octavius ​​- the successor of Gaius Julius Caesar, who saw no need for a relationship with a one single woman; fell in love with Livia as soon as he saw her at her wedding, and kissed her there; won a war against the enemies who killed his adoptive father – Matthew McNulty.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Translated from Latin, “domina” means “mistress”.
  2. The TV show “Domina” is the fourth film adaptation in history, which tells about the great Roman ruler. The first was the TV series “I, Claudius” (1976), then it was “Imperium: Augustus” (2003), and then the TV series “Rome”, which ran from 2005 to 2007. “Domina” is the most popular of them.
  3. British and Italian specialists worked on the project. It took more than a year of continuous work to combine the plot of 2 different nations. Only part of the cast are real Italians. Some have flown in from the UK, such as Liam Cunningham, who plays Livius, Livia’s father.
  4. Filming scenes in the forest, Nadia Parkes really froze, so her shaking in the frame is a reality. The girl was so chilled that she could not stop shivering and the director decided that it would only benefit.
  5. The first season aired on May 14, 2021 and consisted of 8 episodes, although it was originally planned to show at least 10.

Domina Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1July 9, 2023
2x02Series 2July 16, 2023
2x03Series 3July 23, 2023
2x04Series 4July 30, 2023
2x05Series 5August 6, 2023
2x06Series 6August 13, 2023
2x07Series 7August 20, 2023
2x08Series 8August 27, 2023

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