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Cliff was so happy in his fun life that he never had time to look at himself from the outside. It’s a pity, because everything could have turned out more positively. As a result of the accident, he was declared dead. But one scientist decided to use his still functioning brain and keep Cliff’s mind. At the same time, the man’s body was completely replaced with iron…

“Doom Patrol ss 3”: release date, announcement

Viewers are eagerly awaiting the release of Season 3 of the “Doom Patrol” TV show, which, according to official sources, will appear on September 23, 2021. It is known that the shooting of the season 3 started in January 2021 and continued until the beginning of June.


Later it turned out that the scientist more than once helped people whose lives were in the balance of death. For example, dozens of years ago, Rita was a brilliant actress who had the right to ask to remove any person from the set – be it a cameraman or anyone else. Tragically, Rita fell into the river and turned into an ugly body that spread like jelly. Only with the professor she was able to find herself and remain beautiful. Any moment of shame turns her into ugly again, so she never leaves the possession of the scientist.

Larry also has a sad fate. With a beautiful wife and children, he worked as a pilot at a nearby air base. Under his leadership, new aircraft models were produced, on which he conducted tests. But he had one nasty secret – his work colleague, a charming young guy, became his new love. They sometimes spent time together. But Larry was so ashamed of it that he never told anyone about it. Later, there was a plane crash with Larry. Almost all of his body was burned, but the scientist was able to save his life and wrapped him in bandages.

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Then the team was joined by other victims who were saved by the scientist. But such people always have enemies, and the professor was no exception. Various people with supernormal abilities began to hunt for him, and those who still spend time in the castle of a mad genius went to their protection.

Cliff learns that his beloved daughter is actually alive and wants to find her, because in the past he loved her with all his heart. He even wanted to maintain a relationship with his wife, which did not work out. Rita tries to curb her insecurities, and Larry still shares his big secret. Other heroes will bring new confusion to the team.

From the new season, we should expect new antiheroes who will ruin the reputation of the professor’s favorites. Someone will doubt the correctness of his decisions and will go over to the other side. And who it will be, we will find out very soon!

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Actors and their roles

  • Cliff – a rich man; racer; slept with his housekeeper; had a bad relationship with his wife and adored his daughter; at the end of his normal life, he decided to keep everything, but did not have time; the wife has died, the daughter has already grown up, and he is locked in the body of an iron man forever; Cliff has leadership qualities that help him pull the team – Brendan Fraser.
  • Larry – a former military pilot; was in love with a colleague, of which he was very ashamed; he is of a cheerful disposition; outwardly he looks like a mummy, since his whole face is hidden by bandages; wear glasses; crashed on a plane, his body smoldered until his lover put it out – Matt Bomer.
  • Rita – used to be an actress, was very proud of beauty, which she used very often; after falling into the river during filming, lost her appearance and became a laughing stock for the local inhabitants of Africa, where the next shooting took place; since then Rita has been ashamed of herself, and the more the shame, the uglier her appearance becomes – April Bowlby.

Interesting Facts

  1. The TV series was supposed to be released a year earlier. But the heavy workload did not allow TV channels to release it earlier than 2019. A large influx of projects with superheroes overwhelmed the demand of viewers. Therefore, only a year later, the show appeared in access, which had a bad effect on the financial side of the project.
  2. In an interview with April Bowlby, she said that she was really afraid of losing her beauty, so Rita’s feelings are familiar to her. April is afraid to become old, to lose young skin, body, but understands that aging is inevitable, and someday she will have to accept it. Now the girl monitors her diet, lifestyle and does not have bad habits.
  3. Viewers reproached Brendan Fraser for having spent his former form, turned into a plump middle-aged man. In fact, he was so carried away by the art of photography that he stopped filming and taking care of himself.
  4. In real life, Matt Bomer reproaches homosexuality and agreed to the role only because his hero is ashamed of the deed. Bomer dreamed of playing a superhero, because from an early age he was fond of comics. Matt still keeps an entire closet of comics at home.
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Doom Patrol Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1September 23, 2021
3x02Series 2September 23, 2021
3x03Series 3September 23, 2021
3x04Series 4September 30, 2021
3x05Series 5October 7, 2021
3x06Series 6October 14, 2021
3x07Series 7October 21, 2021

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