Doubt season 2

The main character is a successful and wealthy woman who works in a law firm and enjoys great respect from her colleagues and superiors. She is trusted by the most difficult tasks with which she always quite easily and quickly copes.

When will the series “Doubt Season 2” be released?

The number of views on the first 2 episodes of the TV series “Doubt” was so low that CBS, who broadcast the show, took it off the schedule. Despite this, all episodes were shown later, but there can be no talk of the season 2.

About TV series

Sadie is entrusted with a rather complicated matter. She will have to defend in court a man who is accused of murder.

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Doubt season 2

At first glance, this is not unusual, but difficulties arise one after another. The first difficulty is that the murder was committed more than 20 years ago.

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The second is that the client is a rather famous and popular person who can not disclose the details of his private life, and without this it is impossible to win a case. And the third – the client was so charming and charismatic that Sadie just falls in love with him.

Interesting Facts

Critics took this project quite coldly. Despite the fairly well-known actors, who were selected for the main roles, the series looks relatively cheap. The first thing that immediately catches your eye is the intricacies and improbability of what is happening.

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Scenes in court raise a number of questions, and judicial sessions look frankly false. The script writers did not work out the story well enough, and the story has a huge number of branches that are rather difficult to remember during viewing. What is an additional disadvantage is the dynamic nature of the plot.

Doubt season 2 Interesting Facts

It is because of this that history is perceived hard. Heroes do not have time to fully open to the viewer, so their actions and motives remain sometimes completely incomprehensible, which generally looks stupid and cheap. Such a plot is hard to believe and after viewing the viewer feels deceived.

Some characters appear on the screen extremely rarely, and the viewer simply does not have time to remember them. Nevertheless, they are important for understanding the plot.

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Reviews and criticism

The only advantage is the star cast, but this alone is not enough to make the project like the viewer and gained popularity.

Such a series will appeal to lovers of melodramas, who devote all their attention exclusively to feelings and emotions on the screen and do not particularly follow the plot twists.

Doubt season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1No annonced
2x02Series 2No annonced
2x03Series 3No annonced
2x04Series 4No annonced
2x05Series 5No annonced
2x06Series 6No annonced
2x07Series 7No annonced
2x08Series 8No annonced
2x09Series 9No annonced
2x10Series 10No annonced

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